Saturday, December 17, 2005

I am trying really hard to share this

I have got lucky! I get to offer something that no one else for now does! I get to offer the slimline from Toma. Its there brand new line of nail polish that is amazing! It says on longer, the colors that I have seen are brigher just pretty polish. Its not mood so don't ask if it is cause that was my first question also. Are they pretty or what?
I will start offering them on my site on Monday Dec. 19th for anyone who would like to buy them you will also get to buy 5 get one free!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Check this out!

I am going to be a sponser for a Christmas Tree making it all pretty. I am a member of a site for mainly women called cute name huh? You need to check it out! This is the website address for it! Sign up and send in a picture of how pretty your tree is done and tell them Overall Beauty send you!

It's a very sad time in my home today, on Thrusday my mother in law passed away of cancer. They gave her 6 months to live back in Sept. and she didn't make it the whole 6 months. I am not sure how to feel right now, my husband says he is glad she is gone because it ended her pain. She got to die at home and that was better than the hosptial but still why now? She was finally made peace with her ex-husband who ended up being her caregiver at the end. They were together for 30 years. He made a major mistake but was forgiven by her it was really hard to forgive and forget but she forgave him and that was all that really mattered.
Being Jewish they believe 3 days to being into ground but where she lives that was a impossiblly so she will be laid to rest on Wednesday. Nothing fancy just a pine box, she been telling us for years how she wanted to be buried.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Cute Nail Polish Gift Sets
Now being offered at
Also what is so cool about that is, if you are signuped on Overallbeauty you get to take part
in a contest for either Nail Polish Gift Set or The Gift Basket!
What do you think? This way if you are on my list and win and live outside of the US then this is for you! That way it can be shipped with little trouble where the gift basket might be.

There is also the gift basket being offered as gift number 2 or 1 depending how to say it. Now get your quotes, short stories, sayings, what familes do for Christmas or Christmas Eve. What did you do as a kid would be really cute too. It just has to be based on gift giving. You have till the 16th of December to get it into me and I will hopefully have some help with judging.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Overall Beauty - Visit Overallbeauty for an Overall Beauty experience!

Overall Beauty - Visit Overallbeauty for an Overall Beauty experience!

I got the second image ready to be view!
This is the give away Gift Basket for the customers of You all know who are!!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Help me do whats right

I lost a drop shipper today, well it won't be till January but still, what makes her think I will have a customer that wants fifty dollars of her stuff right away? What if they only want one item? What do I say opps you got to buy fifty dollars worth from her or don't bother?
I know its not that hard to find a new one and I know she just wants to make money as much as the rest of us but still...
AT least I know of a different company that will be taking her place.
I am not mad I am just disappointed but she is just a small company trying to cover what she does.

Have a good week everyone!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Today is the day!

22 years ago I got married in Henderson to a Air Force man. It is surprising at times that we
are still together but there are things one must do to stay married.
When we decided to get married we laid down a few rules that to this day have never been broked.
1- You don't hit me <--me being the writing this blog. Why you might ask? Because I was someone hitting post growing up and I refuse to marry someone who was going to do it.
1a- if there are children there is no using them for hitting post because you can't hit me.
Both rules NEVER BROKEN!
2- You don't cheat <-- because I have a family member who does and has and I have seen what it does to one's family.
2a- I don't cheat either.
Both rules here NEVER BROKEN!
Can you say that you have made promises that have never been broken? Till I met my husband I could not say that. How sad is that? Then I met this amazing man who after less than a month ask me to marry him. I said yes. He gave me roses and wrote a poem about why each color was important to him and his love for me.
Years later when I called from Lowe's asking him if he minded a pick up a couple of roses for our front yard. I was told to get one of each color he wrote about in his poem. These roses are the brightest ones in my yard! Cheap no brand name roses are growing beautiful in my front reminding me each day of his love.
Yes I married a very romantic man! He hides it well!
I am so glad that for no reason what so ever there has been no need to break either rule. Being married is hard and sure there have been times we have wanted to call it quits but we worked it out.
Happy Anniversary Mike! I Love You and looking forward to another 22 years!!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Does Weather Effect Your Weight?

I was reading this amazing articles about weight and how where you live might have something to do with the waist size. I thought is was pure bull till I did some research and found out some very interesting facts that I then put into a article for everyone to take a look at. I have it for now on the front page of my catalog on my web site, so take a look and let me know what you think..ok?
I am thinking of putting a poll with it, cause this is just something others might know more about then me. Go visit and see if what I wrote was true in your mind or if I am just full of it. I honestly want to know!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Today I did Work How about you?

I had got to the Nail Pro Show and had so much fun, I been talking about it ever since. Well today now that I am feeling better, I called one of the people who was there to talk about maybe working today.
Got a new wholesaler, well we hope anyway. There is this really neat nail polish company that I didn't know has been around for 40 years and I met the guy who the nail polish is named after. I really need different things to offer besides mood polish. I think there should be more choices and with Christmas coming, well what ever it takes right? Well these guys sell essential fragrance Cuticle Oil, I had got one free in my goody bag from the Nail Pro Show. I got one that smells like Mango and I really like it! Hopefully I will be able to offer the wonderful smelling great for your nails cuticle oil real soon so you all be watching for ok?
I still have on sale buy 3 nail polishes by toma and you get a free mood polish. How's that for a deal? ;) Now being offered "Indulgence" Music to relax with.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

What are you reading today?

Now step back and look at what you are reading today. Not what you read online, no blogs no web sites or articles, really step back and think, what real live books are you reading? I went to the library again last week, mygod the ladies all working there know me!! I have a total of 24 books I have checked out and I think over the last 2 weeks I have checked over 150 different books on a few ideas I am working on. I have the books about beauty products (thats for article writing), books on e-commerce (for the site), books on advertising (again the site) even a few on eBay. I am looking at so many books that half mine and half the libraries. There is a this one book and I get a kick out of just the name. Its called Don't Think Pink about marketing to woman. Now the every first thing I have wrong if going by this book that my site is pink. Opps bad Kim but the rest I am good at. The whole idea behind the book is how men see marketing to women is and how they do it and just how wrong men are!
Now what I mean by that is not all women are home makers anymore, money is just way too tight or there is no one else bring in the money so women need to work. The idea is there is a need to market to those women without insulting their intellect. Now ladies have we not all seen the ads that do just that? Now I work on the computer thats my job, I am at home and I work on the computer and I have seen ads that are so looking down on the fact that I don't work outside the home. Now I have also read that more and more home businesses are created by, you guess it, women who have decided to stay at home raise their kids and still bring in money. Bravo ladies Bravo!
Now a few of the books I am reading have to do with that subject. One book is called Mompreneurs on using the internet to build a home based business. At the end of this I will put all the names of the books I am talking about and who they are by incase you want to read them. I have another one about small business sourcebook. I haven't had time to look it over yet but I got it cause its has information about small business. Do I have any books not having to do with my site, my job me..I count myself as one of the women a lot of advertising is created for marketing. The reason I am reading all these books is a good reason I guess. I started a business and didn't do all the research on marketing, advertising, writing articles etc so I am playing catch up. I don't mind cause I am a very fast reader Thanks Mom! and I can read most of the books I have and have them back before the end of this week and then start looking for more. I have this major thirst for knowledge and I have found that now as I am older it doesn't bother me to read, take notes, find books mostly do all those things that when I was in High School I was too busy trying to get out of. Now a lot of home businesses the women do all this before they even take a business so that no mistakes are made and no money lost.
The problem I have is I am still working on the true niche business that will make me money I just want to do so many things but money is the one thing holding me back so I read. By reading I am finding ways to get things done with little money or none depending and thats good. I have three site ideas I want to do. The one I have done the second one I am working on and I want to setup one of eBay. Not asking to do much am I? The work is all me thats why Iam trying to find the best way to do it and for me the best place to find out information is in a book.
Books mention:
Don't Think Pink by Lisa Johnson & Andrea Learned
What really makes women buy-and how to increase your share of this crucial market
Mompreneurs online by Patricia Cobe & Ellen H. Parlapiano
Featuring strategies from hundreds of moms who have found success in cyberspace!
The Complete Small-Business Sourcebook by Carl Hausman & Wilbur Cross
Information, Services and Expects Every Small and Home-Based Business Needs
All these and more can be found at your local library

Monday, October 10, 2005

Branding My Name

One of more important things to do when being someone who sells items online whether it be information or products is branding your name and web site. To find out if your name is getting out there is to look for as a keyword in say Google or Yahoo. So I googled my name.;ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&q=Kim+Snyder
Well if you look at that link you will find that me as in Overallbeauty doesn't come up till page 2.
If you ever want to find out whats out there with your name in just Google your name.
It seems that there is a Kim Snyder who sings Christian music, voice over in Hollywood,Special Events Assistant, writer and painter, gee I sure that was me but as a web site owner I come up on page 2 at the top one and two only for the reviews I did at when you get to page three there I am as Web Site Owner.
IF you are thinking I am whining about the fact for real I am not because 4 months ago I couldn't find me at all! So this means that I am getting out there under my name. But this also tells me that I can't really use my name yet because I haven't online as a site owner long enough or should I? There is 1,960,000 , I am thinking I am more but in not that much in the top 3 pages that everyone looks at most. Should I push me as me? Or keep going at it as Overallbeauty? If you were in my place what would you do? Have you Googled your name lately?
There are women when they meet someone either offline or at some matching making site, my single mother does this, they google the name of the person just to see. It there is bad news about someone it will run wild on the web, in fact bad new of any type runs fast on the web its just a shame that good news doesn't go as far that fast. Its just one of the ways women who chat with or gets dates is by googling that person's name. Do you? Its one of the ways to try to find out if that person is safe enough to meet. Its hard dating as it is or so I am been told. I can give you the secret to how to stay married but dating Nope I ask mother. My mother been single a long time and dates and finds alot of them on the web cause she does long distance eduction.
Anyway, why not google your name and see what comes up, its just another way to find out about yourself. Do you know you? hahaha

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

FREE Nail Polish Anyone??

Just what I said..FREE Mood Changing Nail Polish! Yeah the company let me put on this sale of any 3 Toma Nail Polishes you get 1 Mood Polish FREE! Thats a good deal if I have ever heard and even more so if you been wanting to try out a Mood Polish but didn't want to go ahead and buy one. Plus if you order anytime from Now to the end of the Month you can get still another FREE Gift! Only have to buy $25.00 or more and you get a FREE 4 oz natural handmade bath salts in either Lavender, Seaform or Citus and you can't find it anywhere cause I have them all!! Yes thats is right I have them but you only have to order $25.00 dollars worth from! I even have a testamonal from someone who has try it and LOVED it! I gave it to her as a gift cause I like her so much! She lives next door to me. You need to go onto to read her short but very honest thoughts of the Lavender Bath Salts!

Friday, September 23, 2005

How come?

I don't like forums, well not all forums just this one. And it would be the one for the shopping cart i use, right oh lucky me..I need help again on something a customer says she doesn't see should be there. Now I believe her because she is a very good customer and not reason not to tell me the truth.
So off I go to visit the oscommerces shopping cart forum the only one there is. And as ususal the fourm doesn't remember my user name only cause I void doing anything with this one. They say that forums are a good place to get help, ideas, business what not, not this forum. In two words, it blows! The ones running it are smarter in oscommerces so I always feel like they are talking down to me. Lord forbid they are wrong cause they are never wrong..Why is that when one needs help with something the compaines send you to forums only to have the ones running forum can't believe you don't know that answer allready and why are you bugging them? Thats how it feels for me, I know I am probably very wrong but this is the only forum I don't like.
I am going to get get myself a new user name and see if maybe this time they might be helpful..

Word to self, :| if you don't like a forum see what you can do to fix on your own or see if there is a different forum for that product.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

And what did you do today?

Soon to be Header for my new site still being worked on me
Its been a long day or maybe just a long week so far..I think the week goes by slower when I don't have any orders to get ready or articles to write. Take that back I hav a article I need to type out and see if its going to be ok or not.
It's about going to the mall and why as a site owner of beauty why I would go to the mall next to why you or even my sons girlfriend might go to the mall. Come to think of it I think that article is going to be a pretty good one but I don't think I can top my article "Let's Create Sultry Smoky Eyes" you can view it by following the link or by visiting my site either way. Its very good if I don't say so myself!

I am carrying cosmetics from Juicy-Cosmetics and I am so HAPPY I got images I don't think I have seen anywhere else!!! Ok maybe I didn't look hard enough but still I got images that I can't wait to add to the site and show off the products and the images. I have started on my second site and here is the header I will be using..I am creating it myself!!

What do you think?? I really would love to know what someone else thinks of my work I am working hard on it in Photoshop CS 9.0 Yeah I am a brat and I own 9.0 and whats you going to do about it?? LOL I am working hard at it I am going to be making it into 5 pieces and put into a table in HTML and add it to PHP and gee are you confused yet? I think I lost myself..haha OK thats it for today I got email I need to wander through before I go to sleep tonight..

Sunday, September 11, 2005


OVERALL BEAUTY HAS GOT 117 VISITORS on SEPT 10, 2005!! WOO HOO Finally one day of over 100 infact yesterday Sept 9th was 90 visitors! I am so damn proud of my site I could just scream!! OH ok means really nothing to those who don't have a site but I got my very first day ever of 100 but no not just 100... 117 visitors!!! WOW I been looking forward to this day for the day I open the sites doors for sales.. I am just WOW gotta go I got to tell my Momma this she is going to be shocked!! byeee
PS Thanks to very one who visits ..stays awhile and comes back, I could never do this without the many visitors and friends/family ... Now I sure hope this won't be the only day like this! Byee

Friday, September 09, 2005

Saw something today that just bothers me.

Ok Ok everyone should know by now that I have a web site that sells beauty products, if you are new to my noise then visit and see what I mean.
Anyway I came across this page and thats all it was, one page. Now I seen them before and I know that all they are there is for is to collect my name and email address and when I sign up with enough emails they just might get lucky and I will buy something. Sure whatever I been online long enough to know that game..Now what bothered me and it stills does that this one page was just for Beauty and I wont give the name of it but its was for Free beauty secrets and its going to exposed tips and secrets that I don't already know..Yeah right..

I wont sign up for it cause it bothered me..Why? Cause I can't tell what it is selling me, yeah for real I know it wants my name and email address but it didn't get me to want to know its over 1,000 hot new whatevers..I probably got that many if I really felt like taking the time to write them down. What bothered me is its in my field but its not really selling anything and its doesn't grap me ..when I looked at the url and took off what it had after / in it all it did was redirected me back to the that only page.

What I am saying that unless you really got to know what they are selling or need to have what they are selling don't sign up. All you will get a ton of emails till you unsubcribe yourself or buy. Its always going to be your choice of what you do and where your email address goes..If you really need to know what the beauty site one page that bothers me email and I will be more than willing to tell ya..And then I will delete your email address so you don't think I'm saying that just to get your email address. I don't send out emails to those who are signup on my site why would I start with yours..Your choice as always..KIM OUT

Saturday, September 03, 2005

The Banner is clickable to help out for Katrina Relief

I read email and have bought books from Mike and I feel he's a pretty fair guy. He is in Canada but that doesn't stop him from sending out email to help out in the relief. It doesn't matter that he's in Candal he is a human just like the rest of us and I have already donated and when I can I will donate more. There are many emails etc going out and around, I was sicken what I heard of the radio in my hometown said. It is so bad that WalMart open it doors to help everyone out by handing out bottle water and canned foods and people started to walk off with computers!! And the worse of that was it was the police who did the carrying off of the better priced good stuff!! But he is Mike up in Canada seening the better of humans and knowing of the pain they are going through send this email to me today

So Friends of Overallbeauty and the noise of Coffee Time Again, there is a address you can go to on this site that you can send clothes and other things that people need. No they are not Red Cross but other family and friends of New Orleans, of USA..IF you can help great if not tell your friends.
I don't put a banner on my blogs for nothing I do it for good reasons. Helping them out is a great reason I think, but believe what you will. If you don't want to donate here go to the Red Cross
Contact: Disaster Public Affairs
Organization: American Red Cross
Phone: 202-303-5551

and donate, just donate what you can. Even a dollar will helpout. Damn thats a cup of coffee!!

As you know, the New Orleans seminar at which
I was supposed to speak in a few days has been
cancelled. (The Hyatt Hotel has 80% of its
windows blown out, let alone flooding.)

Internet marketer Greg Rosza has set up a fund
for New Orleans relief. I trust Greg as he has
been a member of mine for a long time, and is
a kindhearted soul.

I recommend you check it out ...

To higher response,
Michel Fortin

Michel G. Fortin
The Success Doctor, Inc.
2729-D Innes Road
K1B 3J7, Ottawa
Mike site is at
Regular people helping our own people in their time of need, is that what we are a nation are
build on? Helping other countries? Well its time we help ourselves. So Donate what you to whatever
you feel is the best place to do it. If you guys know me well enough by now that I always give out choices in all that I do.

A big thanks to Peter Finch of Internet Marketing 247 for putting this awesome banner together.
Quote for this website.

You CAN actually do something right now to help those who lost everything from Katrina. I'm taking a truckload of supplies to those in need, and I need your help to fill the truck.

(Last Update 4:41 pm est)
Has been donated so far on Saturday Sept.3

Lets help out, Good things will happen for them if we do, they will live another day to help rebuild a part of our great states!

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Trying out testing today

I wrote a really neat entry over at my blog with my site thats just for beauty business
and if you want to see what I mean go check it out on

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I am getting into the article mood

This is the new set of 4 dreamy powder eyeshadows I will be adding to my site later on today
Oh this is one of the lastest products I am going to add to my site that I just had to much fun myself playing with!! In Blue, Silver-white, Pink, Gold..

I was told today that I should take my articles and put them into a ebook and either give them away or sell it. Well right now I am just wanting to get them out there, after that then I will start thinking about putting them into a pdf file or something. I need to write way more than just 5 at least I think I have 5..I been adding them to my site as well as putting them into which has so many articles its like WOW! I think its trying to get to be number one in that field and that will be hard but I am helping it along by adding articles. I think writing is a way to release feelings, ideas etc and putting them into a article that others would want to read. The latest one is about creating Smoky Eyes..Now who doesn't want to have Smoky Eyes on that one date where you know you are going home with him?? or not..hehehehe

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Want to Help England?, I got a idea

I am very thankful for all of the guys who aren't at home now from London, who are helping our men, but remember they have families too. Why not reach out and give them a helping hand? We are humans sharing a small ball in space, if we don't help each other who is going to? What if this had been us again, another 9 11? I can't even think or know how they must be feeling right now , we must help our fellow man...Go look this over and if you feel its for reason, this give..

London: Relief and Long-Term Peace Building Fund

This fund will support relief work in London. Funds will also support long-term conflict prevention/transformation efforts to address global sources of violence.

Theme: Democracy and Governance |
Location: United Kingdom | Need: $50,000

Give Now

After looking this over myself I can not not help England in their time of need. They were there for us in Iraq, and helping our guys we can at least help their love ones at home..

Thursday, July 28, 2005

opps I guess this one is still here

Hell I didn't know this one was still working after all...gee dummy me HAHAHA ...Latest news on the blonde front I just bought me the CUTEST shirts ever..but you got to see them for yourself
if my buddy over at and see these beauties of a shirts..I just bought a black tank that says The Whole Package Beauty Brains & Blonde! from a smart blonde
and also I got a pink t-shirt that says Sassy, Smart and Blonde! Visit this page in her site and see what I mean soo if any other wild but brainy blondes go visit her site and tell her Overallbeauty send ya!! if your in the mood for reading me I wrote an article that is on my site as well as my other blog so I might as well as put it here as well.
So please enjoy..

Makeup Tips for an Overdue Makeup Checkup
By Kim Snyder

Makeup tips for an overdue makeup check up, thought it might be hard? It isn't as not as hard as one may think. No one wants to look older
than they really are, so when you get to certain ages, be it late 20's, late 30's, late 40's or older, it's time to do a makeup check up.You
may not realize that your style of makeup is too young for you or too old depending on how you've been doing it. You may be over doing or
under doing your makeup. As our face changes what we once did at one age can be the worst thing to do now. As with skin care there is a need
to change your look to keep looking as beautiful as always but start working on those little issues that are coming up. No need to name them,
we all know what they are.

We all can remember in our teens and twenties choosing makeup on a whim or enjoying bold, shiny eye shadows, (bright blue anyone?) Heavy or
mismatched foundation, not blending it in at the chin or too thick concealer, giving you the opposite raccoon look. How about that obvious
blush in neon pink? Be it on someone's else face or
even your own, who else can remember their mother licking both her thumbs wetting down you cheeks trying to help make your blush less
obvious? Remember how in the earlier years of drugstore brands of blush even that couldn't work, you needed to use major makeup remover?

Try changing from a cream or gel blush. It is better for your face as you get older, as dry blush doesn't blend well as your skin loses the
ability to hold on to moisture,as little lines start to appear around the eyes. Don't forget those nasty smile lines. Keep the blush on your
cheek bones to highlight them if they are one of your best features. Powdered blush tends to cake on skin that is too dry.

How about those overly greasy or super glossy lipsticks, or a Kaleidoscopic array of eye shadows, often mismatched colors as forgetting
certain shades of purple AND lime green do not go together at the same time! We all can get confused on what really looks good on us, in
most cases pastels draw attention to and refresh your eyes, brights make the eyes look vibrant and muted tones softly add color or shape
to the eye while dark colors add dramatic impact. Start experimenting at home with what you have.

Do a checkup on the way you're doing your eye liners, heavy doe eyed look doesn't look good on any age! Heavy outlined eyes just makes
look older, great for teenagers to try out but not someone who is trying to make a impression on a new boss. Its high time you really
should consider making adjustments to one's routine.
Even more examples of what not to do-
The a retro Marilyn Monroe look with the liquid-lined bedroom eyes, and pouty red lips, only she could really pull that look off.
The Crayola Crayon-colored eyeshadows.
Spikey mascara that been in countless fashion magazines and billboards with what looks like only 5 or 6 lashes.
Over the years mascaras have changed from jumping out at you, fake lashes extremes to a more natural look, black-browns, even navy looks
good if not overdone. There are some glitter mascaras that aren't as wild as you might think too so don't forget to at least look at them
for night time use.

It's time to think about changing to a classic, well blended look where no one aspect of your makeup can be more important than the other.
As you create you new look, start thinking of more natural shades of neutral colors
just making sure that they work with your skin tone.
Try wearing only two coats of mascara not three or more.
If blonde try brown or brownish-black
As your hair color darkens, either by age or stopping coloring it, try changing your mascara color to bring out the natural beauty of your
eyes. Not everyone should be wearing black mascara.

There will always be a time and place for all types of free-self expression but one should only leave the house looking as if one is
on the way to a halloween party unless there is a halloween party! As much as you might not like it, overdone makeup or even the smoky-eye
look if not done correctly, just makes you look opposite of the what you are going for.

When we all a certain age regardless of how many years add up, its time to discover a style that makes you feel beautiful, finding colors
that enhances your appearance not take away from it. If you haven't started yet, look up beauty tips or make ups online or go to your local
book store to see whats out there. Even fashion magazines of late are going towards a less is better.

Start practicing blending techniques that makes your eyes look natural not piled or painted on. Praticing to create one's own style and stop
being a slave to whatever the latest look and think before pairing of colors. Even a teenager can have a basic but undone look that enhances
not take away from their natural beauty.
Check out what you have brought over the year and work on designing your own style, one you can call your own, need help try your girl friends,
who better than to tell you what looks good? We all need to stop being a slave to today's "in" look start showing
off the real beauty that may of been hiding behind layers of the so called 'fashionable look'.
Starting with soft neutral colors, blending them, creating a signature look thats easy to put on in the morning for work, add glitter or more
color to for nighttime fun.
Then start throwing out all those colors that makes most teenagers daughters laugh at even the thought you might still be thinking of wearing
it! Start today and tomorrow at work just smile and agree when asked "Have you lost weight?" You may never know even just a change in your
makeup may change you into a whole new person.

Copyright 2005 Kim Snyder Owner of Great lover of beauty care and products, never happy without trying to make the world a little prettier for all. Visit to see the latest in beauty products and skin care. Attn Ezine editors / site owners. Feel free to reprint this article in its entirety in your ezine or on your website as long as you leave the links in place, do not modify the content and include our resource box as listed above.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

I have to delete my blog and Do over again!

I have to delete this blog becauses for reasons I don't know the template got all messed up! What cause it I don't know and as I tried to fix it or change it it would get back to where is it was before.
I love this blog and writing in here that helps me find the reasons for things by sharing my thoughts, emotions and whatever else I felt like sharing.

If you have been reading this blog on a kinda regular bases I would like to thank you for doing so. I tried to recreate this blog using this amazing template that I found at
called cherry blossom dreaming but I don't know how to get it working.Now that really bothered me and if I host this blog say at the website then the url would be wrong. I already have a blog setup on my site and a really great friend of name gave me a few urls for templates for wordpress which is what that uses. You can check that blog out at
that way I have a blog for my site and which was the first one I started.

Yes I am still upset about the fact that I couldn't fix the other one here in I even went for help from the blogger team and got told that the template I got off this site was not a blog they would help cause it was a third party template. Humm BULL I got the blog template from here cause I had no idea how to create or get a different template. That was just so hard to take cause I used the template I found from here and that sudden because a third party template. I am thinking the problem would of been because I did some mods to it to make it my own but still not so many that it would be seen as their template!!

Oh well after a few days this one will be as close as I can get to be like the orginal.