Thursday, October 20, 2005

Today I did Work How about you?

I had got to the Nail Pro Show and had so much fun, I been talking about it ever since. Well today now that I am feeling better, I called one of the people who was there to talk about maybe working today.
Got a new wholesaler, well we hope anyway. There is this really neat nail polish company that I didn't know has been around for 40 years and I met the guy who the nail polish is named after. I really need different things to offer besides mood polish. I think there should be more choices and with Christmas coming, well what ever it takes right? Well these guys sell essential fragrance Cuticle Oil, I had got one free in my goody bag from the Nail Pro Show. I got one that smells like Mango and I really like it! Hopefully I will be able to offer the wonderful smelling great for your nails cuticle oil real soon so you all be watching for ok?
I still have on sale buy 3 nail polishes by toma and you get a free mood polish. How's that for a deal? ;) Now being offered "Indulgence" Music to relax with.
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