Thursday, December 13, 2007

Moonlighting on the Internet by Yanik Silver

I was sitting here drinking coffee this morning and I get a knock at the door, its DHL Express with a package for me. Now I am expecting a package only its by UPS so when I opened the door there on my doorstep is a small package. I had to open it, cause I totally wasn't expecting anything by way of DHL (cause they cost me a bit mush for shipping). I opened the package only to find a book by Yanik Silver. If you don't know who he is, Google his name! The guy is great! He is young, and he does internet marketing. Something I am interested in doing, selling information not just products you have shipped to you. I have a nail care guide ebook I am putting a site together for as well as a ebook for caring for roses, so learning how to do something such as offer digital products that you just pay for and you download I have been reading up a lot about.
I open up this package to find a book called "Moonlighting on the Internet" by Yanik Silver with Robert Olic. Wow huh? There was a handwritten note telling me thank you for my help in creating this book.. HUH???? What did I do??
Then I remembered that a few months back I got a email newsletter from Yanik asking his readers what was their most AH moment that got them moving and working towards making money on the internet. I wrote back why I was on the internet, what I sold "Nail Polish" what my AH moment was. I read a quote somewhere that says "Success is not accident" and that you really need to have most was a blog!!
I only have what 3 blogs going??
I went to the back of the book in the index and oh my god I found my company website! On page 221 was my thoughts... wow huh? Talk about a AH Moment! That just means that I need to get busy on the two sites I don't have up yet.. Over Christmas break I think I will do the work I been meaning to do..
Stop by his site and sign up.. Get this!!! The real book isn't due in the bookstores as of today for 13 more days!!! Wow I am totally freaked out that I got one!!