Thursday, December 31, 2009

What are the best eyeliners?

What is your favorite type of Eyeliner?

Pencil- gives the softest finish, easiest to use and you can smudge it. If you can use a pencil you can use a pencil eyeliner.
Cake- applies wet with a small brush, smudges well when using eye shadow over it. Long lasting tends not to flake like liquid can.
Liquid – gives the most dramatic look of all the types, quick drying, needs a steady hand. Can flake.
Gel- used like a liquid or cake but can easier to apply, its long lasting, apply with a brush.
How to Use a Pencil Eyeliner

Why use eyeliner at all? Good question. Eyeliner when applied correctly gives the illusion of longer lashes. There is really nothing worse than white spaces between lashes to ruin a look especially if you have light colored lashes.
What is pencil eyeliner then?

Pencil- gives the softest finish, easiest to use and you can smudge it. If you can use a pencil you can use a pencil eyeliner.

What should an great pencil eyeliner do? It should work effectively without having too press hard, has a good wearable color day or night, doesn’t drag and has a great smudge-ability.

When using an pencil eyeliner there are a few tricks you may not know about.
Using a pencil eye liner make it easier to apply a line at the base of your eyelashes. Especially if you have shaky hands.
Want your pencil eyeliner to stay put?
Try this: Apply a layer of eye shadow over it. Smudge it with a small brush and your pencil eyeliner stays put!
What about using your pencil eyeliner in warm weather? Stick it in the freezer for a few minutes before sharpening them.
What about using it in cold weather? Your pencil can get too hard and can drag and leave an uneven look. Hit it with your hairdryer to soften the point before using it. Just be sure it’s not still hot!!

Side note: Besides me, does anyone else remember doing this?
As a teenager I remember lighting a match to soften the tip of my pencil eyeliner in the girl’s bathroom. I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup but like all teens that didn’t stop me from applying it before morning class!!
Did you realize that even among pencil eyeliners you have choices?
Your basic drugstore pencil is just like a pencil. Some can be really hard, don’t stay put or flake.
Your more expensive ones tend to have useful extras like a build in sponges to smudge with and a sharpener. Doesn’t mean the more expensive ones are better, it will depend on the brand as well.
Softer the pencil the more likely it will disappear quicker.
Do invest in a good sharpener for your pencil eyeliner, nothing worse than trying to sharpen it with a kitchen knife!
Now that you got a idea what pencil eyeliners are all about, how about a color tip?

Your eyeliner should harmonize with your eye shadows, but it doesn’t have to match exactly. Even though black eyeliner is the biggest seller and worn by more women overall, it’s not a natural look.
Blue eyes? Look for a eyeliner in shades of navy, it helps bring out the white in your eyes making you look more awake. Violet shade will also work as well.
Brown eyes? Use a dark brown eyeliner bronze to really make your eyes pop!
Green eyes? Try brown, gold or even olive to bring out the green in your eyes!
Off to a party? That’s when you can have fun with your eyeliners! Try silver or crazy colors with glitter!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

8 Mistakes to Avoid Having a "Bad Hair Day"

Beautiful hair is a thing that everyone craves. No one likes have those "bad hair days"  Still there are common blunders that people make such as:

  • Not conditioning your hair: One of the most common mistake that woman make. Conditioning your hair every time you wash your hair helps keep your hair healthy looking.
  • Wrong style: Resist the temptation to try every new trend when it is not suitable to your face.
  • Choice of products: Be very careful about what products you select for your hair. You should adapt your shampoo and conditioner to suit your own hair type.
  • Dark roots: If you want to be a shade more blonde than you really are, do not let those dark roots show. Nothing makes a beautiful blonde tackier than dark roots showing through.
  • Braiding and tying your hair: try not to braid or tie your hair too tight.
  • Brushing your hair: Never pull at your hair when you brush it and get tangles.
  • Be careful of color products: using cheap ones can damage your hair. Try to match the color to your particular skin tone and color. Not everyone looks good blonde or a vibrant red.
  • With these points you will be able to take care of your most beautiful asset, your hair.

    Copyright Kim Snyder owner 

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Beauty rocks!

Working on blogs is a crazy thing to do.

in reference to: Google Sidewiki (view on Google Sidewiki)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Traditional Halloween Makeup Tips

Yes it is that time of year again when we abandon our earthly forms and step into the surreal world of the underworld. This fascinating world has lured many to its shadows and Halloween is just an excuse for us to play out our Gothic fantasies.

In the old days Halloween was indeed all about ghouls and goblins but now you can break away from all this and disguise yourself as a celebrity, a beautiful princess or a fairy. You do not have to be an ugly spirit or dead man walking to enjoy Halloween fantasies.  However many people still love the old traditional underworld characters and spirit of Halloween.  Here are some makeup tips to really look the part.

  1. Where would we be without the traditional corpse look? If you are holding a Halloween party or going to one you can certainly scare a few people with this disguise. In order to really look like a dead man walking you need to know how to apply corpse paint.

  • Apply base paint: This white base paint should make your complexion lighter but not become a mask like a cheerful clown. That is not the effect you want. Spooky pallor is the idea here.
  • Eye shadow: This should be dark blue, purple, or even black. Apply around your eyes from brow to lash. Do not forget to add some under the eyes, to really look the part!
  • Eyeliner: put a generous amount around the eyes. This will help to accentuate your eye shadow.
  • Lipstick: some people use black but if you really want to be a zombie you might consider purple.

Additional strategies: to keep the white base intact you can put a dusting of white powder over before applying the rest of your makeup.

Remember do not blend this make up use translucent powder between layers of base paint.  Be careful what you are using you do not want to look like nothing on earth after the event due to allergies or eye reactions. Read directions carefully and test a small patch of skin if necessary.

  1. To really look scary you can dress up as a murder victim with fake wounds and blood! Here are a few tips for this.

Making non toxic blood:

  • Mix 3 parts of corn syrup to 1 part of water
  • Add red food coloring drop by drop until a realistic blood color is reached
  • Mix chocolate syrup as a thickener
  • Let stand in a warm atmosphere for around 10 minutes
  • Apply and see how scary you can be
To make this “blood” come out of your mouth:

Take a big mouthful of the non toxic blood and let it trickle out of our mouth. Let it flow down your neck and onto your costume, to really look authentic. Remember to wear old clothes as it can stain light cloth.

Make a fake wound: You can draw these with a marker or really go to town with more a more realistic look. Just make an oval with a blue pen, next circle it with a red pen, then blend it a little to look natural. Draw some lines adjacent to the wound and rub them in to look like the wound is still fresh and bleeding. You can use some of your fake blood to really get nasty.

You can make variations on these 2 disguises and shock your friends with some Halloween fun. Enjoy!
Copyright Kim Snyder 2009
Want to look totally hot instead of dead? Looking for hot tips on how to look like Marilyn Monroe? Check out this DVD instead!! Halloween Makeup Tips

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Selecting The Right Eye Shadow For You

No matter how skillfully a woman applies her makeup to the rest of her face, if the wrong eye makeup is applied it can ruin the look faster than anything!

Your expressive eyes are the focal point of your whole face, why ruin it by wearing the wrong eye makeup?

Unfortunately your eyes are also the first place that will show the first signs of aging, if your eye makeup is overdone; it can make you look older, tired and hard. No one wants that!

Tips in selecting the right eye shadows for you:

There are three main types of eye shadows to pick from. Cream, powder or liquid. There are other types such as pencils or crayons but they are not as common as they once were.

Cream eye shadows are a good idea if you have delicate eyelid skin. But you must be careful if you choose this type because creamy, oil-based are not for wrinkled skin or drooping eyelids. The reason why this type of eye shadow can be a wrong choice is your body heat turns eye makeup oily, and creams will collect in the fold and melt!

Cream eye shadows do have their advantages. They are easy to apply, easier to create subtle shading effects when used with other types of eye shadows. If your skin is normal to dry, then cream eye shadows might be a good choice for you.

Powder eye shadows. They are probably the best choice in eye shadows for most women of all ages. One of the reason’s being you can find just about every color under the sun in powder eye shadows! One word about color selection, its best to keep as natural as possible for work. Choose between wearing taupe’s and grays for shadows, light peach, pink or buff for highlighting and try a soft violet or blue inside the crease.

If you want to go dramatic do it at night, it will be too much for daytime. Try to avoid any color with iridescence in it. Light reflecting particles only attract more attention if you have wrinkled skin. That is best for the younger set.

The biggest complaint against wearing powder eye shadows is that it does come off. Wearing a eye shadow will help with keeping your eye shadow in place longer through the day. Don’t rub your eyes either, for that will remove your eye shadow as well.

Liquid eye shadows come in a tube with usually a brush or sponge tip. Problem with liquid is once it dries, it doesn’t blend or smudge. It has more staying power than other types of eye shadows which is its major advantage. Many use a liquid eye shadow as their base for their powder eye shadows.

Pencils are not really eye shadows per say but some use them as such. Most of the time pencil eye shadows are used as eye liner because of the ease in use. They have amazing staying power and can really bring out your eyes. But you must be careful in applying them because too much can make you look like you have two black eyes instead.

I hope this help give you ideas of how to pick the right eye shadow type for yourself. Eye shadows can really be lots of fun to play around with. Whatever choice you pick, have light hands when you apply it, don’t over do it. It’s easier to add more than it is to take it off and start over again.

Copyright 2009 Kim Snyder

Friday, September 11, 2009

Punk Rock Pink Rocks Kid's Show

Everyone loves a great kid's show right? Well it seems that lately there aren't any really good clean kid's programing on. Not anymore!! Look for Krysta's Kingdom coming to your favorite TV station soon!
Side note: Krysta is wearing Punk Rock Pink by BB Couture... Sweet huh?

Monday, August 10, 2009

How to Make your Eyes More Seductive

Your eyes are one of your biggest assets. It is said that a person’s soul can be seen from their eyes and yours are no exception! Here are some quick and easy tips to help you make your eyes more seductive.

1. Start with concealer: this will get rid of dark circles and shadows under your eyes. Always pat never rub concealer into your skin.
2. Apply eye base: this will stop eye make up from getting caught in the creases of your eye. It will also help to keep your make up to look fresh for a long time.
3. Eye shadow: This is where the fun begins. To make your eyes look wonderful use a 3 tone effect like the pros.
a. Initially use a light color from lid to brow bone
b. Secondly use a slightly darker shade on your lid
c. Use the darkest color in the crease of your lid.
d. Blend them well.
4. Apply eyeliner: You can use a darker shade of eye shadow for a beautiful effect. Just wet a brush that is slanted and apply the eye shadow. Put it as close to your eye lash line as you can. For the bottom of your eyes only make the line from the middle to the outer edge, and then smudge it with your finger or a cotton bud.
5. Make your eyes stand out: with highlighter, create a v shaped design from top to bottom of the inner corner of your eye blend in. Use gold or pink for this as white will be too bold.
6. Highlight your brows: You can use the same shade of highlighter to use on your brow bone. Apply from the middle to the outside and blend.
7. Last of all apply your mascara. You can create a warmer look with a brown color instead of black.

These steps do not take long and will make you stand out in the crowd. For added effect if you have long lashes you can curl them.

Always match your eye shadow with your eyes and of course the clothes you are wearing. Remember to blend everything well. Subtlety equals seductive. You can also be part of the trend and give your eyes the “smoky look.” Check out these great article on “smoky eyes”!
Hope you enjoy these tips! If you got any please let us comments.. Love to hear your eye makeup tips!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hot Rod Makeup Bags in the mail!

YES!! I put all three of these amazing handcrafted bags in the mail today for three very lucky winners! If you were three of the first buyers of the any polishes from the Hot Rod Collection you get to receive one of the only four made bags!
And my sister Krystal is having a contest involving the last remaining bag. As well as giving away one Hot Rod Collection!! So you know you really need to go visit Solsisters and see what she has going for her contest!


In honor of the release of the Hot Rod Collection of nail polish by BB Couture which I inspired and named, I'm giving away one full set of all six smashin' colors ($53) plus one awesome handmade flame makeup zip pouch ($20).

Cherry, Baby! - A sweet candy apple red with high shine and a "begging for a speeding ticket" attitude!
Crusin' - Bright, cream neon orange, smooth and delicious, but never ignored.
Hot Spot - The ghost flames in this nuclear orange are alive with deep red undertones.
Lil' Deuce Coupé - The perfect lemon yellow for hot summer days.
Lowrider - Take a tall drink of grape soda and mix in some pearlescent shine.
Nitro Injected - This sassy blue is all about wide open skies with the top down doing 90mph!

To win this $83 prize (limit four entries per person, per day):
1) Follow my blog (place your follow name in first box)
2) Tweet my giveaway and paste the link in first box
3) Put my giveaway on your facebook and page paste the link in first box
4) Promote my giveaway some other way and paste the link in first box

Entries MUST have an email address to be valid.

1) Make a purchase of $20 or more from my shop
2) Make a purchase of $20 or more from the Carried Away Team shop to support our solider

Shipping of your prize inside the US will be free of charge.
If my winner is international, I will deduct $4.95 from the shipping price.

Which means you need to get over there and see if you can win these contest right away!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hot Rod Collection is Finally Here!

Hot Rod Collection

Cherry, Baby! - A sweet candy apple red with high shine and a "begging for a speeding ticket" attitude!
Crusin' - Bright, cream neon orange, smooth and delicious, but never ignored.
Hot Spot - The ghost flames in this nuclear orange are alive with deep red undertones.
Lil' Deuce Coupé - The perfect lemon yellow for hot summer days.
Lowrider - Take a tall drink of grape soda and mix in some pearlescent shine.
Nitro Injected - This sassy blue is all about wide open skies with the top down doing 90mph!

You know what's great about having a personal relationship with most of the people who make the products I sell here at I can send Cindy, the owner of BB Couture Nail Polish, an email and say my sister has this great idea for a nail polish collection based on hot rod flame paint jobs. Cindy gets all excited because she loves oranges and super soaked metallics.

A few weeks later, the Hot Rod Collection by BB Couture was born out of my sister's love for all things fast and orange! Cindy then turned the set over to Krystal and I. Since the set was her idea, Krystal named the colors and created the graphics. (She's a graphic designer, by the way)

We've made this set LIMITED EDITION, so only 100 bottles of each color were produced and you can ONLY buy it here at Overall!

We have marketed it exclusively from our blogs, twitter and my email newsletter. If you want a set, you better put the pedal to the metal and dump it into your cart! In the first 24 hours of limited release to my newsletter subscribers, we sold almost 100 bottles! Right now, the chopped grape soda goodness that is Lowrider is our top seller followed closely the feeling of wide open blue skies with the top down that is captured in Nitro Injected. Krystal loves Crusin' & Hot Spot (of course!) and I favor the screaming lemon yellow in Lil'Deuce Coupe.

Don't tell Krystal ok? For her part in all this we are giving her the whole set of Hot Rod Collection!! Cause we can!!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Rumoring Flying about New BB Nail Polish colors!

For starters my rat sister Krystal over at won't give back my Torch!
This is what I been hearing about, a brand new collection of BB Couture colors are coming out! I got to test one and I send one to my sister Krystal because she is my orange freak! Silly me thought she would try it and send it back cause its a limited color.. but no I can't get it back!!

Rumor has it there is a limited edition collection coming out soon from BB Couture.. I don't know what the colors are, only that Torch is one of them. In fact we are working on a sweet deal for Overall Beauty newsletter readers only.. If you haven't sign up, you will want to!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pink Shopping Bags

Remind me to never whine at my sister again! I had a birthday a week or so and I thought it would be really cool to have shopping bags to carry stuff in instead of always using the paper bags at the store.

I already reuse my bags when I go to Costco and Trader's Joe, why not have one for other places I might visit? So silly me whine at the only person I know who sews.

And NO SHE WILL NOT CREATE ONE FOR YOU!! Only I can whine and get what I want.. lol She even shows on her site how she made them and the pattern she had used.
Its an amazing job she did for me and I can never thank her enough!

Cool isn't it that my shopping bags match my purse. She even found a way to add my logo to my bags. I'm am so blessed and so so lucky she is my sister!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Been a while!

Been doing lots of work over at! And having disagreements with how somethings should be done as well. Got a great web designer working on making things look better.
We are having a major happy birthday celebration starting on June 1st through June 6th, 2009!
Check this out!

We now have our very own signature scent! Thanks to Scrubz!

Went to visit family for two weeks. Got introduce to the most amazing organic coffee! You can't buy it online only in the stores and wouldn't you know it, they don't have stores in my area!! So I did a trade with my sister in law, she send me coffee and I send her Treasured Body Body Lotions! Fair trade! I am waiting on my 5 pounds of coffee and she is waiting on her Body Lotion! We both made out like bandits in that deal!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Overall Beauty Review!

Check this out! Leslie at was kind enough to do a review for Overall Beauty! I send her 5 mineral eye shadows by Overall Beauty Minerals and Magic Lash with Black Magic Mascara! I just redid Pink Shimmer because I wasn't happy with the one I had and she was the first to receive it! And she loves it!
If you visit her blog you will find a before and after picture of Leslie wearing Magic Lash! I did not know that she has short lashes and thanks to Magic Lash she finally has the lashes she desires and saves money too!
Please go visit and let her know what you think ok? She is new at doing reviews and I think she did a great job!

Happy Friday everyone!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Pink & Purple Purse by SolSisters!

My sister Krystal decided while we were talking about purses that I needed a new one. Not just anyone, one created by SolSisters!

I happen to love pink! I love butterflies and purple nail polish too. The bottle of nail polish is Balboa Beach Bunny by BB Couture that I got to help to create, but that is another story.

Anyway the purse I was carrying was BORING! And Krystal decided to fix that issue for me. Boring purses just will not do in our family!
It's to be my early birthday gift but what it did really was get rid of pink fabric out of her home so she has a good reason to go buy more. Like we need reasons to buy??

I just wanted to share this sure pretty purse with everyone and to let you know that if you want a purse made just for you, contact Krystal over at she has a few websites she offers her amazing handcrafted purses at. BUT if you have an idea, talk to her she is an genius with purse creating! OPPS don't tell her I said that, she has a big enough head as it is.. I should know she is related to me!! LOL

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Big Bag of Luck Giveaway!

The Big Bag of Luck Giveaway
with Carried Away: The Etsy Bag Makers Team GIVEAWAY RUNS March 13th - 23rd, 2009

Carried Away is celebrating the lucky season and the turning of Winter to Spring with a BIG BAG OF LUCK GIVEAWAY. Visit each of our participating SHAMROCK SHOPS to find the hidden Shamrocks (exactly like the image above) or the phrase "bag of luck" hidden somewhere in their listings. Email us your list and you're in!

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1 (One) Grand Prize winner. Participants must locate all 26 (twenty six) hidden shamrocks/phrases to qualify. Winner will receive their choice of 6 (six) prizes from the list below. Winner will also receive an actual Bag of Luck shopping tote, courtesy of team member Naughty Monkeys. Limit one entry per email address.

1 (One) First Place winner. Participants must locate at least 5 Shamrocks/phrases to qualify. Winner will receive their choice of 4 (Four) Prizes from the list below. Limit one entry per email address.

1 (One) Second Place winner. Participants must locate at least 3 shamrocks/phrases to qualify. Winner will receive their choice of 2 (Two) Prizes from the list below. Limit one entry per email address.

The 14 (Fourteen) Remaining Prizes:
Earn one entry to win the the 14 remaining prizes by promoting our giveaway or finding at least one hidden Shamrock/phrase. The remaining prizes will be awarded singly by random number drawing from all entries that qualify as stated below. Prize won will be chosen randomly.

1) Submit the location of one or more Shamrocks/phrases to Make sure it is the URL of the listing, not the shop. Limit two entries per email address.

2) Twitter about this giveaway and post the URL in the Comments. Limit one entry per email address. While you're at it, follow the team on twitter.

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4) Sign up to follow our Carried Away Team blog. Both email and RSS feeds are available. Post in the comments below. Limit one entry per email address.

Rules of the Game

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Find one shamrock/phrase for one entry.
Find at least FIVE to qualify for First Prize.
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FIND ALL 26 to qualify for the GRAND PRIZE.

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Perfume: How Did You Choose Your Signature Fragrance?

Fragrances have many facets and with sensual pleasures. With so many perfumes out there out and new ones coming out, how does one pick that one you can call your signature fragrance?

There are way that we as humans as a whole sniff things. We know by studies done that odor perception varies with age, sex, pregnancy and hormonal state. It is also a fact that we associate scent with colors, textures and sounds. You know a scent of a rose without seeing the rose as an example because sometime in your life you smell a rose.

Did you know that we capture most information about a scent with one single sniff? Yet we all tend to sniff more than once any scent we smell as if to be sure that the first sniff is telling us the truth if its good or bad. Each of our minds have unique patterns of how a scent is responded to, as we sniff a new scent, our minds unknown to us is asking, have we smelled this before? What emotions does it make us feel? Does it smell the same as the last time we smelled it? Who was wearing it? How did that person make us feel etc. All this is going on within seconds of taking the first sniff of anything, from food to the newest perfume.

Yet we are all passionate about smelling good! Doesn’t matter the brand of perfume, the price or who is promoting it. Perfumes are highly personal and our appreciation for them is not simply emotional, its really deeply thoughtful as well.

Did you know that all perfumes come with three notes? First note is the first one you sniff when you open the bottle, the second note is the one you sniff after the bottle has been open for a bit and the third is the one that last the longest. The third note is the true scent and the one that last the longest on your skin. Then why try to pick a perfume by sniffing it on a piece of paper? Each perfume with response differently to our skin. To truly know if that new perfume is really you, it has to be worn for a while. Try it on your skin, walk around a bit before deciding if it is you. And think how does it make you feel?

Did you know that even though a perfume may have been created with multiply different scents to create one, we only really smell them as a whole? We smell it like a forest, not each single tree. If that is true, then why do they offer coffee beans to “clear the nose” when coffee alone may have over 300 different scents of its own?

The fact remains that perfume is met to be worn, not decided by a sniff off a piece of paper. The next time you apply your signature fragrance or on the hunt for a new one, ask yourself two basic questions. How does it make me feel and how does the scent on my skin really truly reflect who I am as a person?

Never buy a perfume because of who is promoting it, or who’s brand name is on the bottle. Perfume is an magical experience, feel it, know it and appreciate it. It will become a part of who you are, not make you but add to your overall beauty ideal of what makes up the unique person you are. Remember that the next time he walks by and says ‘Wow you smell amazing!”

Copyright 2009 Kim Snyder Owner Offering pure, classic Overall Beauty Minerals in variety of eye shadow colors, magic lash eyelash enhancer, BB nail polish. We also carry all natural/organic captivating scented body & bath products and so much more for an overall beauty experience.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Are Sulfate-Free Shampoos Really Better for your Hair?

Just how "Green" is your shampoo? Is is sulfate-free? Read on about why using a sulfate-free shampoo is better for your hair.
If you are like anyone else, you love to wash your hair at least every other day of not daily. As you lather up you can help but love the feeling of all those bubbles but did you know that the very ingredients that give you that amazing lather may also be the most damaging to your hair?

Most mainstream shampoos contain sulfates which is great for making lots of lather but not so great for your personal health, your hairs health and even the environments health.
So why are the mainstream companies still using sulfates in their brands of shampoos?
For the most part it is because sulfates are cheap to make and create lots of lather. Being that we are all have become accustom to the idea that lots of bubbles means really clean hair they keep making cheap shampoo’s.

Just what are sulfates and why are they an issue? You will find the in the shampoo’s ingredient listed as sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) and sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) which are in fact really a harsh chemical surfactants that are found in lots of other products including toothpaste. They are known to cause eye and skin irritation plus when you use shampoo that contains these ingredients they can be absorbed through the skin.

Did you know that sulfates are really far from being gentle and can be causing damage on the very thing you are trying to pamper? Yes your hair! Sulfates are very drying and can damage hair follicles which could lead to hair loss. All because we really enjoy our amazing lather while washing our hair. It can also strip the hair and scalp of essential oils causing that drying effect. Worse if you are spending lots of money to color your hair, it causes the color to fade quicker so you have to get your hair colored more often.

If you want to change your brand of shampoo and start looking into more natural and or organic shampoos but don’t know what to look for? Here are a few tips on what to look for while reading the shampoo bottle label.
Look for ingredients such as gylcerine and glucosides that come naturally from corn and sugar. Usually found on the label as decyl glucodisde or coco-glucoside. These ingredients won’t give you that lots of lather you maybe accustom to but try it for a few weeks and your hair will become healthier, shinier, silkier and softer. Now isn’t that a great trade off?
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One finally thought, sulfate-free shampoos are going to cost a bit more than your mainstream shampoos do because of their ingredients. So don’t be surprised at that, but you will in fact use less to cleanse your hair and your hair will be better over all. Isn’t that worth a extra few dollars at the counter? Your hair will love you for it!

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