Monday, August 10, 2009

How to Make your Eyes More Seductive

Your eyes are one of your biggest assets. It is said that a person’s soul can be seen from their eyes and yours are no exception! Here are some quick and easy tips to help you make your eyes more seductive.

1. Start with concealer: this will get rid of dark circles and shadows under your eyes. Always pat never rub concealer into your skin.
2. Apply eye base: this will stop eye make up from getting caught in the creases of your eye. It will also help to keep your make up to look fresh for a long time.
3. Eye shadow: This is where the fun begins. To make your eyes look wonderful use a 3 tone effect like the pros.
a. Initially use a light color from lid to brow bone
b. Secondly use a slightly darker shade on your lid
c. Use the darkest color in the crease of your lid.
d. Blend them well.
4. Apply eyeliner: You can use a darker shade of eye shadow for a beautiful effect. Just wet a brush that is slanted and apply the eye shadow. Put it as close to your eye lash line as you can. For the bottom of your eyes only make the line from the middle to the outer edge, and then smudge it with your finger or a cotton bud.
5. Make your eyes stand out: with highlighter, create a v shaped design from top to bottom of the inner corner of your eye blend in. Use gold or pink for this as white will be too bold.
6. Highlight your brows: You can use the same shade of highlighter to use on your brow bone. Apply from the middle to the outside and blend.
7. Last of all apply your mascara. You can create a warmer look with a brown color instead of black.

These steps do not take long and will make you stand out in the crowd. For added effect if you have long lashes you can curl them.

Always match your eye shadow with your eyes and of course the clothes you are wearing. Remember to blend everything well. Subtlety equals seductive. You can also be part of the trend and give your eyes the “smoky look.” Check out these great article on “smoky eyes”!
Hope you enjoy these tips! If you got any please let us comments.. Love to hear your eye makeup tips!
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