Sunday, June 08, 2014

Got Puffy Eyes? Try These Tips

One of the major causes of puffy eyes in the total lack of sleep. We don't have time to sleep our full six to eight hours like we should and because we don't sleep enough it shows up on our faces. One way to really help yourself is to cut back on the amount of salt you use. Salt is great for causing your skin to dry out or cause you to retain fluid showing up as puffy eyes. One really easy thing you can do is drink a big glass of water before going to bed at night. It will help reduce puffiness by decreasing the amount of salt in your body. Your eye cream can help reduce puffy eyes as well. There are a few eye creams that help with puffy eyes and dark circles.

 I found a few different ones  that would be of help:
Each one helps under your eyes to diminish the look of puffy eyes. Provides all round care and protection to delicate eye area. Helps Diminish The Appearance of Dark circles, Puffiness and Saggy Eyes.
All that which can help your eyes without added junk. I am am more natural eye cream user myself.
How do you apply eye cream? 
 By gently tapping your skin under your eyes while you are applying it, you are encouraging the excess fluid to drain away.
You can choose a eye cream with that contains caffeine to help combat the swelling. It is amazing what caffeine can do! Besides wake you up in the morning.
Now you can also look for eye creams as well as creamy under eye concealer that have light diffusing particles that will help distract from seeing the swelling.
 One thing to note also swelling can be caused by reaction to medicine, and allergies. If you are finding this happening the best thing to do is check with your doctor on what to do to combat puffy eyes.
For natural ways to help bring the swelling down you can get from your kitchen :
 Place strips of grated potato under your eyes can help reduce swelling as can strawberries. **If you are allergy to strawberries don't apply them to your skin either.
You got 15 minutes? Steep black tea bags in hot water then chill them before applying them to the eye area. It's an ingredient called tannin in the black tea that will help deflate the bags under your eyes. So will a chilled eye mask will also help reduce swelling under your eyes.
Fill a bowl with iced water or ice cold milk. Take cotton bags and soak them. Lie down with your head higher than your body and place the soaked bags on your eyes. Replace them as they get warm. Continue for 10 minutes or so. Sleeping with a thick pillow to elevate your head will help fluids from settling under your eyes.
 The best way to prevent puffy eyes is to cut back your salt intake, drink lots of water and get your sleep!

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Going Dairy-Free? Looking for Ideas of what to do?

When I was a child we lived for a few years on a little tiny farm. We had rabbits, chickens, a lamb and even a pony! We also had goats. We didn't drink cow milk we drank goats milk and my job was milking them. Anyway the reason why I brought that up is, I know and understand just how good goats milk is for your insides and your skin. Now I am a totally dairy-free person, I can't eat beef either :( No steaks for me, I have gone totally dairy-free and its not as hard as you might think. Why go dairy-free? I get sick to my stomach when I eat or drink anything with a milk protein in it. For real, and not because I read the label and see the milk protein I don't have to, for me to get a bad reaction to it. Once I got so bad I had to go the ER!! Yes because of dairy. :( I think one of the hardest things when you go dairy free is to go without cheese. And I swear these days there is cheese in everything! Like cheese with cheese! I know that seems over-done but it seems that way. In fact I found this great book on Amazon today that you can buy with lots of dairy-free recipes! Now if you enjoy pizza like we do there is even a dairy free cheese you can get that is made with rice that works just as good as mozzarella does! In fact it melts just like it would. We get our pizza from Papa Murphy's your take and bake kind. You can ask for no cheese and then add your cheese when you get home. It does melt great and I even fooled my sons and their friends with it. Now that is a great way to tell a item!! If you are thinking about going dairy-free its not as tough as you might think. Look for other items like goats milk, or sheep's milk in yogurts if you miss the texture you are used to having. It will take a lot of testing for you to find what works for you. But just by cutting out cheese from your diet can help with our weight as well. I am no doctor, but once I cut out cheese my weight went down. And its been the same as I was in high school for 10 years now. Why? Because cheese items are usually junk food anyway, and what does your doctor say about junk food? Try going dairy free for one week and then come back and tell me how you did.