Thursday, November 08, 2012

Basics of skincare - tools of the trade

Did you know for basic skincare the magic number is four? There are three basic steps you do twice a day and one step you do twice a week at most.
The three basic everyday skincare needs are:
1- cleansing
2- toners
3- moisturizers
4- would be your specialty products such as mud masks, exfoliation for example.
What are cleansers?
These are specialty formulated products meant to remove grime, and makeup from your skin, without over-drying it. They clean off old makeup, dirt, oils. They come in different types, creams, lotions, gels and bars of soap. Cleansing with a bar soap is one of the oldest most efficient cleanser, but it may not be the best for your skin. Creams and lotions are easy to use; just massage into your skin to lift dirt and remove with warm water or tissue it off.
What are toners, fresheners, astringents?
They are specialty formulated liquids mostly with alcohol as one of the main ingredient. Alcohol is usually the active ingredient in toners; it makes your skin feel fresh and cool because it evaporates quickly. It can also temporarily minimize your pores by plumping up the skin around them. The percentage of alcohol differs from product to product. In fact you may find that astringent, toners, and fresheners as part of the label for the same product. The three are pretty much interchangeable in meaning as well as product.
There are a few differences to point out, astringents usually have the highest percentage of alcohol and mostly used for acne care. There are water-based toners that are formulated especially for mature skin or any skin type that cannot tolerate the over-drying that alcohol can do. When checking labels, look for products where the word alcohol is closest to the last on the list of ingredients.
What are moisturizers? They come in many names, types and ingredients. From your real basic to eye creams, serums, wrinkle cream, day and night creams, anti-aging, dry skin, oily skin, acne. Each moisturizer type is meant to do it's job working with the rest of what you apply. Serums are applied first, eye cream and then your moisturizer best suited for your skin type, your age and need. "Layering" your moisturizers makes best use of everything you apply; as you get older the more types of specially moisturizers and serums you will need. No matter their price tag, no one moisturizer will give your mature skin what it needs. Depending on your skins needs, age and even time and seasons all play a part in which moisturizer will be needed. Moisturizers are usually a lotion or cream meant to help your skin retain moisture. They also return some of the natural oils lost during cleansing /toning process. Moisturizers stay on your skins surface depending on type and ingredients and only penetrate just deep enough to help your skin renew itself. One of the big reasons why cleansing and moisturizing your face at night is so important. Moisturizers slow down moisture loss with a protective film. They also help offset any tightness and help plump up the fine lines so they are less noticeable, making your skin feel softer. Night creams generally are heavier than day creams. Eye creams usually contain active ingredients to tighten under your eyes, help fight dark circles and help smooth away fine lines and delay the formulation of wrinkles.
Other products are used to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells on the top layer of your skin so that it speeds up cell regeneration. They are not products you would use every day, most are used no more than twice a week. They include your mud mask, and other products that exfoliates made with ingredients like fruit seeds, oatmeal, clay for example. They help improve your skin texture and appearance. Masks are best used once a week due to the fact most are made with clays and can be over-drying. Most Exfoliates can come in different ingredients that make them not as hard on your face as clay masks can be. In fact you can find lots of recipes for both masks and exfoliates you can make with items found in your kitchen! Test always before trying anything new you create on the inside of your elbow and check with your dermatologist if you got questions.
There you go! Next time you go to buy something new to help keep Mother Nature a bit longer away, I hope this helps.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

5 Instant Beauty Tricks for Your Nails

Having nice looking hands and nails show that you care about how you look. When we talk we tend to talk with our hands as well as voice. It takes away from how we look over all if our cuticles are dry and hangnails, nails are bitten off, chipped polish, rough looking over all.
red nail polish, showing off nice hands

 Here are a few tips to help your hands and fingernails look as good as you can possible do at home:
1~ Always protect your hands and nails when doing any dirty work. You can protect your nails by digging into a soft cake of soap before working. Wearing gloves always works!
2~ Just did a at home manicure? To lengthen the life of your manicure and help keep your polish chip-proof, try applying the last coat over the tip and under the nail. Seal it with a top coat. You can dry your polish quickly by holding them under a hairdryer set at "cool". Nail polish quick dry sprays will in fact cause your polish to chip faster so use them with care. You can set your nail polish faster if you run them under cool water, but its better if you don't.
3~ Cleanse stubborn dirty fingernails with a white pencil dipped in peroxide. Got flreckles or brown spots on the back of your hands? Try lightning them by rubbing a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil. Over time the spots will fade.
4~ To make your nails look longer, leave a narrow length of nail on each side unpolished, just about of a toothpick. The color of your nail polish makes a difference as well. Dark polish looks amazing on really short nails.
5~ With the change of the seasons can bring on splitting nails when going from hot to cold or cold to hot. If your nails are splitting excessively try to avoid wearing nail polish for a few weeks. Start soaking your nails in olive oil once a day for about 15 minutes and massage it into your nails, the nail bed and leave a little on your nails at night. Over-drying weather can cause your nails issues, so watch for it.
Sometimes something as simple as drinking lots of water can help your nails too. Applying hand lotion when ever you can and massaging it into the base of your nails helps them too. Be careful using those hand cleansers all the time as they can will dry out your hands and nails while helping you be germ free.

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

7 budget tips on saving money when planning your wedding

Wow with too many friends getting married and having been the bridesmaid; finally it's your turn! He has asked you to marry him. But with very little money how are you going to have an amazing wedding now?

Seven Tips in no real order to save you money when planning your wedding.
1- one of the best ways is cut back your guest list. Think about only those who are the most important and don't feel you have to invite anyone out of obligation.
2- do your own makeup. There are simple products like Magic Lash Eyelash Enhancer that can give you lashes as if you spend lots of money on eyelashes. Even better than fake lashes. Visit to get yours.
3- have everyone do each others nails and toes. You can't share makeup but you can share nail polish. Think of a simple pale pink or nudes. You want your photos to look amazing years from now.
4-have a morning or early afternoon wedding. Saves money on having brunch instead a full dinner with everything a dinner would have. Times by X number of people it can really add up.
5- serve only champagne or wine instead of a full bar. Have self- serve so there is no need for a bartender either.
6- you can save money by just have a wedding in less popular wedding months. Think about months like Feb. or Nov. instead.
7-prices for having a outdoor wedding vary depending on the region. Look are places outside big cities. If possible check with your friends to see who may have a big backyard.
Hope these tips help!
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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Picking the Right Makeup Bag for You

If you don’t care for a bulky makeup case (usually metal) yet you want to keep your makeup collection as organized as possible, you can opt in to buying a makeup bag. These days most makeup bags come in trendy styles and colors.
There are some makeup bags that can even pass up for a fashionable handbag. The best part about makeup bags is, they are more portable and convenient. If you want to carry just the basic beauty essentials while you’re on the go, then a makeup bag is the best idea for you.
What is a makeup bag? It can look small yet spacious enough to carry the basics such as eye shadows, lipstick or lip gloss, blush, mascara, and a compact press powder with a mirror, even a few makeup brushes if need be.
Since there are hundreds in the market to choose from, it would be better to know the important things to consider in getting the right makeup bag for yourself. A makeup bag is designed to carry limited amount of makeup. That is why it usually carries just the basics in beauty everyday essentials. Although it is generally small, makeup bags also come in different sizes. And its size usually affects its price.
Thus, in choosing a makeup bag, consider first the number of makeup items you generally carry with you everyday. Get the one that would exactly fit all your makeup items in such a way that it wouldn’t overcrowd and eventually strain the bag. Choosing makeup bags that have special inside pockets for a particular type of makeup would also be a practical choice.
The Makeup Matte is one type of makeup bag. It works great for those who use mineral makeup, with its pockets it can carry all that you need. Getting a makeup bag with pockets not only does it save you more space but keep your makeup items more organized and easy to find. Just imagine the hassle of emptying the entire bag just to find a small makeup item because it has no special pocket. So always consider the functionality of the makeup bag before purchasing.
Finally, choose a makeup bag that has good quality material that won’t easily tear. Aside from being sturdy, make sure that the material is also easy to clean. Nylon and vinyl- made makeup bags are often the popular choice because of its flexibility, and sturdiness. It can also be easily cleaned by just wiping it with a damp cloth.
There are some makeup bags that are handcrafted, they make great gifts as well. Don’t forget that price and brand is not an assurance of the quality of the makeup bag. Just because it has a brand name on the makeup bag doesn't make it any better or worse.
There are more affordable bags that sport the same quality as the branded ones. Always be critical and wise in buying and always keep in mind that size, functionality,and material are what really matter in choosing the right makeup bag for your precious makeup essentials. If you tend to carry your makeup around with you in a pastic baggy its time to look into getting yourself a makeup bag. I hope these tips help you on deciding which is the best type for you.