Saturday, November 03, 2012

5 Instant Beauty Tricks for Your Nails

Having nice looking hands and nails show that you care about how you look. When we talk we tend to talk with our hands as well as voice. It takes away from how we look over all if our cuticles are dry and hangnails, nails are bitten off, chipped polish, rough looking over all.
red nail polish, showing off nice hands

 Here are a few tips to help your hands and fingernails look as good as you can possible do at home:
1~ Always protect your hands and nails when doing any dirty work. You can protect your nails by digging into a soft cake of soap before working. Wearing gloves always works!
2~ Just did a at home manicure? To lengthen the life of your manicure and help keep your polish chip-proof, try applying the last coat over the tip and under the nail. Seal it with a top coat. You can dry your polish quickly by holding them under a hairdryer set at "cool". Nail polish quick dry sprays will in fact cause your polish to chip faster so use them with care. You can set your nail polish faster if you run them under cool water, but its better if you don't.
3~ Cleanse stubborn dirty fingernails with a white pencil dipped in peroxide. Got flreckles or brown spots on the back of your hands? Try lightning them by rubbing a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil. Over time the spots will fade.
4~ To make your nails look longer, leave a narrow length of nail on each side unpolished, just about of a toothpick. The color of your nail polish makes a difference as well. Dark polish looks amazing on really short nails.
5~ With the change of the seasons can bring on splitting nails when going from hot to cold or cold to hot. If your nails are splitting excessively try to avoid wearing nail polish for a few weeks. Start soaking your nails in olive oil once a day for about 15 minutes and massage it into your nails, the nail bed and leave a little on your nails at night. Over-drying weather can cause your nails issues, so watch for it.
Sometimes something as simple as drinking lots of water can help your nails too. Applying hand lotion when ever you can and massaging it into the base of your nails helps them too. Be careful using those hand cleansers all the time as they can will dry out your hands and nails while helping you be germ free.

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