Thursday, October 22, 2009

8 Mistakes to Avoid Having a "Bad Hair Day"

Beautiful hair is a thing that everyone craves. No one likes have those "bad hair days"  Still there are common blunders that people make such as:

  • Not conditioning your hair: One of the most common mistake that woman make. Conditioning your hair every time you wash your hair helps keep your hair healthy looking.
  • Wrong style: Resist the temptation to try every new trend when it is not suitable to your face.
  • Choice of products: Be very careful about what products you select for your hair. You should adapt your shampoo and conditioner to suit your own hair type.
  • Dark roots: If you want to be a shade more blonde than you really are, do not let those dark roots show. Nothing makes a beautiful blonde tackier than dark roots showing through.
  • Braiding and tying your hair: try not to braid or tie your hair too tight.
  • Brushing your hair: Never pull at your hair when you brush it and get tangles.
  • Be careful of color products: using cheap ones can damage your hair. Try to match the color to your particular skin tone and color. Not everyone looks good blonde or a vibrant red.
  • With these points you will be able to take care of your most beautiful asset, your hair.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Beauty rocks!

Working on blogs is a crazy thing to do.

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Traditional Halloween Makeup Tips

Yes it is that time of year again when we abandon our earthly forms and step into the surreal world of the underworld. This fascinating world has lured many to its shadows and Halloween is just an excuse for us to play out our Gothic fantasies.

In the old days Halloween was indeed all about ghouls and goblins but now you can break away from all this and disguise yourself as a celebrity, a beautiful princess or a fairy. You do not have to be an ugly spirit or dead man walking to enjoy Halloween fantasies.  However many people still love the old traditional underworld characters and spirit of Halloween.  Here are some makeup tips to really look the part.

  1. Where would we be without the traditional corpse look? If you are holding a Halloween party or going to one you can certainly scare a few people with this disguise. In order to really look like a dead man walking you need to know how to apply corpse paint.

  • Apply base paint: This white base paint should make your complexion lighter but not become a mask like a cheerful clown. That is not the effect you want. Spooky pallor is the idea here.
  • Eye shadow: This should be dark blue, purple, or even black. Apply around your eyes from brow to lash. Do not forget to add some under the eyes, to really look the part!
  • Eyeliner: put a generous amount around the eyes. This will help to accentuate your eye shadow.
  • Lipstick: some people use black but if you really want to be a zombie you might consider purple.

Additional strategies: to keep the white base intact you can put a dusting of white powder over before applying the rest of your makeup.

Remember do not blend this make up use translucent powder between layers of base paint.  Be careful what you are using you do not want to look like nothing on earth after the event due to allergies or eye reactions. Read directions carefully and test a small patch of skin if necessary.

  1. To really look scary you can dress up as a murder victim with fake wounds and blood! Here are a few tips for this.

Making non toxic blood:

  • Mix 3 parts of corn syrup to 1 part of water
  • Add red food coloring drop by drop until a realistic blood color is reached
  • Mix chocolate syrup as a thickener
  • Let stand in a warm atmosphere for around 10 minutes
  • Apply and see how scary you can be
To make this “blood” come out of your mouth:

Take a big mouthful of the non toxic blood and let it trickle out of our mouth. Let it flow down your neck and onto your costume, to really look authentic. Remember to wear old clothes as it can stain light cloth.

Make a fake wound: You can draw these with a marker or really go to town with more a more realistic look. Just make an oval with a blue pen, next circle it with a red pen, then blend it a little to look natural. Draw some lines adjacent to the wound and rub them in to look like the wound is still fresh and bleeding. You can use some of your fake blood to really get nasty.

You can make variations on these 2 disguises and shock your friends with some Halloween fun. Enjoy!
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