Thursday, April 19, 2012

7 budget tips on saving money when planning your wedding

Wow with too many friends getting married and having been the bridesmaid; finally it's your turn! He has asked you to marry him. But with very little money how are you going to have an amazing wedding now?

Seven Tips in no real order to save you money when planning your wedding.
1- one of the best ways is cut back your guest list. Think about only those who are the most important and don't feel you have to invite anyone out of obligation.
2- do your own makeup. There are simple products like Magic Lash Eyelash Enhancer that can give you lashes as if you spend lots of money on eyelashes. Even better than fake lashes. Visit to get yours.
3- have everyone do each others nails and toes. You can't share makeup but you can share nail polish. Think of a simple pale pink or nudes. You want your photos to look amazing years from now.
4-have a morning or early afternoon wedding. Saves money on having brunch instead a full dinner with everything a dinner would have. Times by X number of people it can really add up.
5- serve only champagne or wine instead of a full bar. Have self- serve so there is no need for a bartender either.
6- you can save money by just have a wedding in less popular wedding months. Think about months like Feb. or Nov. instead.
7-prices for having a outdoor wedding vary depending on the region. Look are places outside big cities. If possible check with your friends to see who may have a big backyard.
Hope these tips help!
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