Thursday, December 13, 2007

Moonlighting on the Internet by Yanik Silver

I was sitting here drinking coffee this morning and I get a knock at the door, its DHL Express with a package for me. Now I am expecting a package only its by UPS so when I opened the door there on my doorstep is a small package. I had to open it, cause I totally wasn't expecting anything by way of DHL (cause they cost me a bit mush for shipping). I opened the package only to find a book by Yanik Silver. If you don't know who he is, Google his name! The guy is great! He is young, and he does internet marketing. Something I am interested in doing, selling information not just products you have shipped to you. I have a nail care guide ebook I am putting a site together for as well as a ebook for caring for roses, so learning how to do something such as offer digital products that you just pay for and you download I have been reading up a lot about.
I open up this package to find a book called "Moonlighting on the Internet" by Yanik Silver with Robert Olic. Wow huh? There was a handwritten note telling me thank you for my help in creating this book.. HUH???? What did I do??
Then I remembered that a few months back I got a email newsletter from Yanik asking his readers what was their most AH moment that got them moving and working towards making money on the internet. I wrote back why I was on the internet, what I sold "Nail Polish" what my AH moment was. I read a quote somewhere that says "Success is not accident" and that you really need to have most was a blog!!
I only have what 3 blogs going??
I went to the back of the book in the index and oh my god I found my company website! On page 221 was my thoughts... wow huh? Talk about a AH Moment! That just means that I need to get busy on the two sites I don't have up yet.. Over Christmas break I think I will do the work I been meaning to do..
Stop by his site and sign up.. Get this!!! The real book isn't due in the bookstores as of today for 13 more days!!! Wow I am totally freaked out that I got one!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Chipped Dark Nail Polish is a NO NO!

I get tons of magazines because I am in the beauty business. I read most of all that is in them because I like to stay up to date on whats going on out there. I got a magazine in the mail yesterday that was late coming to me. It's Sept/Oct copy of Hollywood Life special issue called Hollywood Style! with Julia Stiles on the cover. Its full of interviews and usually really awesome stuff. What bothered me wasn't the actor or what is in the magazine but for the fact that if you look at the cover you see something that just didn't fit the style of this beautiful young lady. Julia Stiles is amazing! She went back to collage while everyone else was partying and making royal asses of themselves.. (BS major example of that)
Ok on the front of the magazine is Julia Stiles, and what caught my eyes right away was the fact she is wearing dark nail polish. Thats fine that is what most of us are doing right now...BUT what caught my eyes what the fact was THE DARK NAIL POLISH IS CHIPPED!!!
You can see it plain as day!! I am sorry but if I am going to get my hair done, my makeup done and my clothes all picked out for me.. don't you think you would get your nails done as well?
I have found that when I wear dark nail polish if I use Top Rock or Extreme Rock by BB Couture my dark nail polish doesn't chip within one day, that most can. That is the biggest problem with dark nail polish.. I advise to anyone who is going to be on the cover of a magazine make sure your whole look is done, and that includes your nails!

The bottle is blue lid not red!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Friends help Friends with their Makeup

I got such good friends. I had no idea till I got this link in my email today. Without being told about it Beautycastbabe had created a short 30 second video for Overall Beauty as a gift for helping sell their Halloween DVD and now their Holiday DVD. I went over to youtude and saw this and was so shocked and humbled that my good friend Barbara and her husband Sam would create this just for me! Do you realize just how much this would of cost me if I had to pay for it?? That is why I am so humbled by the goodness of friends who help their friends for no other reason but because they are friends. Do you have friends like that?

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Dark Nail Polish, do you have a fav?

Ok Ok I never thought this would happen. Till this year I had virgin nails, virgin as in I never wore dark nail polish. I guess it just wasn't my thing. What happen was I got this box in the mail from
Cindy owner of BB Couture Nail Polish which I happen to offer. In this box was two smaller boxes both holding 6 colors. Now anytime I get something from anyone of the people who's products I offer
I get really curious and I tend to write reviews about the whatever the item might be.
So I open up this box and the nail polish boxes had written on them, released meaning they
are for sale and Not released Yet! Oh I had to open the one that had the not released ones first! **Blogger just made my image red with the image has a blue top and writing.**
Anyway this color didn't come up till Today!! It's called Dragon's Breath but the knowing Cindy was naming the whole set after fairy
tales the first thing that came to my mind was Wicked Step-Mother! And I still think of it as that color. What this color is, two shades of glitter in a BEAUTIFUL Royal Purple! I was hooked the minute I saw it! I have another product by BB Couture Nail Polish called Extreme Rock that man oh man I put on two coats of Dragon's Breath along with Extreme Rock and my polished dark nails where the hit of the show everywhere I went! You see I have short nails, and I am very blond hair and fair skin, this color if I go by what the beauty magazines say, shouldn't look good on me. What do they know anyway? And by using Extreme Rock my polish stayed on 7 days before I had to start having to add a little color to the tips. Will that work for you? I don't know it depends on how hard you are on your nails, but if you have never worn a dark nail polish before?
This is the year for you!!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

This is My Brother! Ben Jammin

I thought I would share something that I found on! My brother has been busy
in Maui learning how to glass blowing. He has done many things in his life and has always
busy creating something. Tie dye shirts, baby tie dye shirts, and more.

Do stop by and visit him and tell him his big sister Kim send you!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Amazing Diamond in The Raw

This is off what I would normally write about but its like I really got to share this. We all know
about American Idol right? But have you ever heard of Britain's Got Talent? Its a show like
American Idol but its based in England and yes evil Simon is there. But this is something
you really need to see to understand why they are different and why this guy HAS GOT TO WIN!
The link is for Phone Salesman Amazes Crowd
Watch part one and then please watch part two..
Get your hanky's out but ready to be amazed!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Mascara Smudging Under Your Eyes Again?

Like every other woman who has to walk out that door in the morning I wear makeup.
Oh wow like I wouldn’t .. PLESSE..
There are days that no matter what my mascara smudges under my eyes. I am sure there is a secret to not having it happen and I think I figured it out. Bet you're going to ask me what am I doing aren’t you? That’s why I am here..
Ok picture this, I am putting my makeup on like I do every morning, btw I wear my own brand of mineral eye shadows and I am a faithful wearer of Black Magic Mascara and Magic Lash Can’t talk about if I don’t wear it right? So I am putting on my mineral eye shadow when I decided to be a bit different and wear it as well up close on my lower lid under my lashes. But I only decided this after I had already put on my eye shadow.
I use those really neat cotton tip scabs that you get from your local drug store cause they are round and flat on one end on the other end they are pointed. They cost a bit more but I use less. So I was using the round flat end to put on my mineral eye shadow up under my lashes and I ended up rubbing the tips of my lashes on this cotton scab. As I was applying my mineral eye shadow I also removed any wet mascara still on my lower lashes.
I didn’t think anything of it, I left to go out to run packages to the Post Office among other things I needed to do.
I stopped to look over what was new in a store line of makeup when the young lady behind the corner told me my eyes looked great! I stopped and look into the mirror and I be damn my mascara stayed in place all day! Not black under my eyes! Wow I decided to try it again the next day and it works.
The secret to keeping your mascara from smudging is really quite simple, after you apply it to your lower lashes, apply eye shadow under your lashes with a cotton scab and be sure to rub the tips of your lashes on it to get any mascara that might still be wet. It helps set your mascara. BTW Black Magic Mascara is a awesome mascara, because the company says its waterproof and I will tell you it is, I wore it when my mother in law passed away and it stay on my eyes while I was crying.. BUT the cool thing is its not hard on your eyelashes and you can wear it everyday and not have to worry.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

When someone walks away, who's hurts the most?

I sitting here listening to a new person I had never heard before. I just love iTunes don't you?
Her name is A Fine Frenzy and you can buy her CD and its great stuff, If you like stuff that makes you think.
Anyway she is the giveaway song this week and I listening to a song called "almost lover"
and all I could think was, who hurts the most when it doesn't work out? I am married now
but I remember walking away from someone and never looking back. I met him again a few
years later and he was with the same women I had taken him away from. I knew when we started talking I could of done it again. Did I hurt him? Oh I bet.. Did I hurt? Well sure he was my high school love. Now I can't remember if it was love or lust. Now that I look back and see what I could of done different I am not sure it would of worked out anyway.

I know this is a bit off what I usually talk about, but I was just wondering when you break up with someone who hurts more you or him? Is it even pain or do we break up for reasons that we look back and wonder what the hell was I thinking? I had him/her in the hand and we could of had a life and I turned away from out future. Why do we not want to take the chance after the biggest break up in our lives hurts so bad you don't know if you could ever go through it again?
Its more questions than answers, but the next time you walk away, at least be willing to try again and don't lock your heart up just because it got broken once. You don't want to be the one who lives alone with house full of cats do you?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Acne Gone in Three Days?

I ran across this ebook that you can buy as a ebook or hard copy that says you can cure Acne is Three Days! Wow what a thought!
Have you ever thought what you life would be like, if your skin was crystal clear
No acne in sight, you skin is touchable soft, not dry or itchy, red? What do you think your life would be like? Do you feel you would be treated any differently if your face wasn’t broken out?
That isn’t a question that many of us asked cause we start feeling like we are being too proud, stuck up better than anyone else if we started thinking what if?
What if he saw you from across the room at a party and has never really looked at you before today? What do you think would have to be difference for him to take notice of you?
Many of us feel unimportant, hiding in the shadows cause our face has decided the day of the big party to break out and all you feel anyone is looking at is your pimples.

We know that’s its not true but our mind start playing tricks on us, as we are talking to someone new we start thinking to ourselves, is he noticing those big red pimples on my face? Is he going to want to talk to me beyond simple small talk that all parties have? Or will he start looking for someone new as soon as he can because he doesn’t want to stuck with someone who doesn’t look like she knows how to care for her skin? Not a very pretty thought, thinking what if he is only talking with me because there is no one else. Ouch even I who has clear skin is starting to feel sorry for you.

Ladies that is not the way to think! Just because your face has a red angrily pimple doesn’t mean that is the only think he is going to be looking at, not seeing the real you. How do you know if he isn’t interested in you because you have lost weight and have started holding yourself a little straighter because of that?
Ahh you didn’t think of that did you? No matter what you may think, acne is a part of life, for some its harder to deal with because you have a really bad case of it. But there are ways to help you deal with it while its healing.
There are natural ways that are a set away from the what the rest of the world thinks you should be doing, and it really helping you from the inside out. And if you have lost weight, stand proud, at any age that’s not something that’s easy to do, acne be damn! If you got time stop over at
Get Acne Free in 3 Days and see if thats something that would work for you.

Something needs to be easy ,acne be damn! Still think about this, Get rid of Acne in Three Days, what a thought!

Check it out and let me know if its works for you, I don't have acne but got friends that do anything that helpful would be something they would want as well. Don't worry I am telling them about it as well. Share information is always the best way to go! So go for it, and go ahead and buy today, Acne Free in 3 Days and see if its helps you! He worth it you know and you will never know if he has a acne filled face, why not buy the ebook for him? Click Here!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Over 40 and Fit are You?

Are you over 40 and can't see your toes? Oh sorry maybe thats just my husband
but I can. I been reading up on what I can do to help him lose some weight
and I came across this little ebook idea. Now I am over 40 in fact if you visit
my website you will notice that June is my birthday month
but what I don't tell you is, I just hit the big 45! Yeah wow huh?? But the neatest
part of hitting 45 is I weight less than I did at 35! What to know how much
less because we all know that once you hit your late 30's its a bitch to take
weight off right? Opps sorry boys and girls that statement is wrong, you can I did
and I know its possible. I get more looks and winks from men younger than me
that my husband who is over-weight is starting to take notice. I will have to come
up with some pictures of what I looked like and how I look now. I once was a size 22
and I am now a size 12, I think I just might be doing something right you think?
Like I said I came across this ebook about becoming fit over 40 and I thought that
you might like to hear about it and if interested buy it. Ladies take a good look
at the author.. he looks good enough to eat! ;)

Here is a special Health and Fitness Bulletin concerning fitness past the age of 40.



Here is a little notice to those who may already have the ebook.
They got some really neat ebooks for you so do stop back by
the website and be sure to pick them up.

Anyone who owns a copy of "Fit Over 40" now
receives FIVE free bonus e-books/reports:

--- > "The Menopause Solution" by Jill Langham;
--- > "Why Grow Old" by Orison Swett Marden;
--- > "Natural Ways To Increase Your Testosterone"
by Men's Health Journalist Christian Finn
--- > "The Bill Pearl Interview" by Rob Cooper

AND "The Slow Poisoning of Mankind" by John
Erb. This incredible report is literally the report
given to The World Health Organization on the
toxic effects of one of the most common food
additives in America.

If you own "Fit Over 40", just visit the homepage
and login to the member's downloads.

If you do not own "Fit Over 40", get it here --

You can also pick up Frank Mangano's e-book,
"The Silent Killer Exposed", for a limited time.

Poverty And Obesity: A New Study Finds
A Remarkable Connection

While the rich and the affluent still face many
of the problems that come with the "king's
lifestyle", a new pattern is emerging in the
United States and, predictions state, Europe.

A new study shows that the trend of ill-health
and obesity is shifting rapidly to the poor and
less educated portions of the country.

The reason this is important to us all, other
than a concern for our nation's health as a
whole, is the economic strain this will place
on our already burdened health care system.

By the year 2012, if this trend increases, the
middle and upper classes will be looking at
massive increases in taxes to fund proposed
government plans to address the problem.

This is a problem that flat-out does NOT need
to exist. Everyone who can afford food at 'all'
can easily eat healthy and exercise.

Part of the confusion is due to the fact that the
billion dollar fitness industry has created a
myth -- that expensive food supplements and
organic foods are mandatory for good health.

While I believe in both, neither are mandatory.

It's the TYPE of food, and the COMBINATION
of the foods that make all the difference -- that,
and moderate calories, exercise, and proper
mental disposition.

This is covered in detail in the best-selling
e-book, "Fit Over 40", by Jon Benson and
Tom Venuto, CSCS.

Get it here --

In regards to the study, Dr. Janet Collins of the
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
had this to say --

"Populations are no longer equal in terms of
experiencing health problems. Low-income
populations tend to experience all the health
problems we worry about at greater rates."

The five states with the highest obesity rates
in the 2005 consensus include Mississippi,
Alabama, West Virginia, Louisiana and

These same five states have higher rates
of poverty than the national norm.

Meanwhile, the five states with the lowest
obesity have less poverty. They are Colorado,
Hawaii, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and

Each of these states also have more college
graduates and stronger education programs.

Education in health and fitness does not
need to be expensive, and it certainly does
not take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

However, many fitness professionals and
nutrition 'gurus' lend that impression.

If you visit a gym today, especially in a
larger city, you'll see a myriad of devices
that, frankly, would give you a better workout
if you tried to pick them up and move them
out to the garbage dump.

It can be daunting and confusing for anyone!
But, this doesn't have to be the case. In fact,
as so many people report in "Fit Over 40",
workouts can be done in your own home
that will more than satisfy the needs of
most people.

The same goes for nutrition. While a few
people require "high-tech", expensive foods
(for medical reasons usually), the vast
majority of us can easily get the job done
at the local grocery store.

The best way to inspire change is to create
change in yourself. Start there, set the
example, and the word will spread.

Anyone can be fit and healthy, and they
can do it at ANY age, and at ANY income
level above absolute poverty.

Yours in health ladies, and guys. I do hope I get to
hear about how you lost your extra weight, and I show you my lost if you
show me yours. :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Check out my Slide Beauty Show

This was just too much fun to make and if you have time, make your own slide show.
It does all the work for you and you get a beautiful slide show to use anywhere even eBay!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Secrets for Caring for Your Oily Skin

Secrets for Caring for your Oily Skin

Understanding how to take care of your oily skin is something you need to learn early in your life so as not to start off treating your oily skin incorrectly. In some ways you are lucky to have oily skin because it tends to age at a slower rate than other skin types do. Meaning yours will not show those fine lines and wrinkles that tend to bother other skin types sooner.
On the downside to having oily skin, is that it tends to have more breakouts, problems with larger pores and blackheads.
How does one take care of their oily skin then?
Once one understands their oily skin, it becomes easier to find the right products to help to take of it in the right way.
Ever heard of using just soap and water? Well in the case of oily skin that’s not that bad of an idea to do so. By using hot water and soap you prevent your pores from getting clogged and causing breakouts. Did you know that by using hot water not lukewarm water it will help dissolve the skin oil better?
One thing you need to do for sure is to avoid using any skincare products that will cause your skin to feel taut and dehydrated. This will restrict the oil from flowing through the pores will can lead to blockages and breakouts.
What one must do for starters is to keep your skin very clean by washing it no more than two to three times a day. You may not know that if you wash your oily skin too much that it will actually stimulate your skin to create more oil.
When choosing your cleanser you need to do so with care. Avoid heavy cleansing creams as well as avoid the use of harsh soaps or cleansers. One would be better to use an all natural soap that has no artificial additives or scent.
You might want even want to try an antibacterial cleansing lotion or maybe even a lightly medicated soap depending on just how oily your skin gets.
If your skin is one of the types that is extremely oily, instead of two to three washings a day up it to three or four daily cleansing may be what you need to do. No one likes a greasy appearance at any age.
As you can tell taking care of your oily skin is something you need to start early and take care of everyday if you wish for it not to breakout. Your skin can be more acne prone than other skin types to. Take care of your skin and try using a natural oil-free moisturizer to help keep your skin supple.
If you are before the age of thirty you may be lucky enough not to even have to use a moisturizer but do start over the age of thirty at least just around your eyes and mouth.
Take good care of your oily skin and it will take care of you.

Copyright 2007 Kim Snyder, owner of OverallBeauty Great lover of all natural beauty care and products.
Never happy without trying to make the world a little prettier for all.
Visit her at sign up today for a
free beauty ebook for all who love learning about new ways to do
your makeup.
Attn Ezine editors/website owners Free feel to preprint this article in its
entirely in your ezine or on your website. As long as you leave the
links in place. Do not modify the content and include our resource box
as listed above.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Contest at!

We have done it! June is my birthday month and we are having a Name That Blue Contest! Starting June 1th to July 7th we are having a contest on naming this pretty cream blue nail polish given to us by BB Couture. They offer BB Couture Nail Polish and Massage Candles that you can find on my website right now! Cindy the owner has been kind enough to let me do this and also give away this blue nail polish as part of the contest as well as let you name it.

Want to know what you get and the rules of the game? Well here we go! You get to name a cream blue nail polish! The winner will receive the nail polish with their name chosen right on the sticker on the bottom on the bottle of polish. A certificate thats says you did and it will be something you know you will want to hang on your wall! A pedicure/manicure kit from me as part of this fun contest. Second and Third runner up of best name this polish gets a pedicure kit.

Only one name choice per email address/home address please. Make it so hard we can’t choose!! When you email we will need your name, address and phone number so that we can call/email you to let you know you are the winner! If there is a tie and you know that just might happen we will have a vote off at the polls on

All names, and information will become property of Overall Beauty and will not be sold, traded or any of that nonsense. So get your thinking caps on everyone because think about it, how often would get the chance to named a nail polish? And get to tell your friends that your name is on 100’s of bottles of polish? That every time someone buys that blue your name is seen? No rude, sexist names will be kept. Any entries with a name that is rude, sexiest will be deleted and your email address will be removed! There is no need for that. Keep it clean and but be inventive and show off just how creative beauty blog readers can be.

The judges are Kim (Owner, Cindy (Owner BB Couture Nail Polish) and Michele (Owner all leaders and know it alls in our field of beauty products. The email address to send your entries is Nail That Blue at

Get your thinking caps on everyone, male or female but you must be 18 and older for this contest. The contest will start June 1st and run till after 4th of July weekend. So gets your entries in everyone, I can’t wait to see what you think it should be called!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

How do you know you have Quality Nail Polish?

When was the last time you looked at a bottle of polish and thought to your self just what is a quality nail polish? We all know that some nail polishes are better than others by either the brand or maybe just the color. Its a shame that you can not open a bottle of polish to try it first before you buy it. The reason why I say that is if your bottle is thick and gooey you have a bottle thats really really old and not very good at all. I have found that some colors are the problem because they are too thick to able to put on your nails that doesn't take forever to dry and when it does dry you wear it for less than a day and it chips off. That is a sign of a nail polish thats not worth the money.
What you can do to make sure you have a quality bottle of nail polish to look at it really closely and if its looks thick it might be a problem. Shake it up and it doesn't move very well than put that bottle of polish back and pick up another one.
Light colors of nail polish seem to be better to wear and buy all the way around. The reason is when you put them on I am yet to find a light color polish to be thick and gooey. Personally my favorite light colors are Tink Pink

and Prom Night Pink both by BB Couture. I can look at all of her polishes and see it really move when I shake it and when I put any of her colors I don't find them to be too thick.
I have one color of hers that might be part of a contest when I call her on Monday.
Just so you know the polish price on my website is less.. You only have to pay 7.00!!
Just thought you might like to know that. Next time you pick up a bottle of nail polish think.. Just how old are you? Shake it and if it moves more like mud you don't want it.. look at another color. If you like light colors check out BB Couture Nail Polishes on my website today...

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Get In Line by Beth Bender

Beth Bender Get In Line is working my Makeup Bag Today.. is it in yours?
How are you at creating the perfect smoky eyes every single time? No not that good
huh? Or want to create cat eyes but just can't seem to get the line straight? WOW
good to know I am the only one! I try really hard to get those line straight cause
cat eye smoky eyes just doesn't look right if one is perfect and the other eye well
I am sure you have the picture in your mind of what it must look like. I have one
eye that up close I don't see that well.. Kinda need glasses to see the mirror when
putting on makeup eyeliner. So when I got to talking with Beth Bender (see her site
at But wait I got someone of hers that will help anyone
who just can't see to get those smoky eyes well smokin! You have got to check this
item out.. It was created by Beth Bender for actresses and makeup artists who just
don't have the time to take the time it takes to get your eyes perfect. With a lot
of hard work she came up with "Get In Line" Eye stencils..

I have them a dollar off right now... She was so happy that I was wanting to offer them to my friends and visitors she told me to go ahead and put it on sale a dollar off.. BUT for one week only and your week is running away fast!
She also has Lip Gloss to DIE for!! Talking one lip gloss freak to another.. I am working on a image so you can see all your choices so I when I have it done I will
be sure to let you all know.. Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Something Cool Going on at!

BeDiscovered at
Are you a handbag designer want to be? Well then you need to click on this
link to find out what all the fuss is about!

Be Discovered at!
Marie Claire and Glam Media have joined forces to create a competition for aspiring handbag designers. Starting today aspiring designers can submit their handbag sketches on, where the fashion community will vote for their favorites.
So go and get busy everyone!!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

What is it about third party linking that so great about it?

Sorry but I am so sick and tired of third party link swapping requests!
Don't you realize that
the only site that helps is NOT yours or mine? I get requests for link swapping all the time
because has a great Google Ranking. (Thanks Google 4/10 is great for a
three year old site) I have worked really hard at creating and maintaining a site that is worth
your time to visit it and buy beauty products off. I have articles and even poetry, quotes
and really awesome gift ideas.
I don't want to waste my time on sites that think using a third party linking is the way to go!
Example I just got a link request from someone who uses this
site for swapping links. Where on there does it say who owns it? Plus the only thing it offers is links.
OPPS sorry looks like a link farm to me. Now I am sure its a nice site and it belongs to some great
people but its only links and I don't think it a site that I want my site involved with. And to top
that it has NO GOOGLE RANKING!! Which means if I link with it that could bring my own google ranking down. NOPE no can do!
Lesson for the day.
The whole idea about linking with other sites is to improve your standing with the major search engines and so that your customers if they can't find what they are looking for on your site and go off to one of your linking partners to hopefully find there what they are looking for. It makes everyone happy. Now linking farms want those visitors because they usually have something on there that makes them money. Ads etc. Fine great for them but it doesn't do a damn bit of good for sites like mine.
I won't do third party linking and do me a favor QUIT asking!! OK I done you have a wonderful day everyone and do stop by and see if I got what you are looking for. If not ask me I may have it I just haven't added it to the site yet. ;)
I am going to go get more coffee before I bite someone....

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Helped a friend stop a massage candle thief

Nothing upsets me more than people doing something they shouldn't and involving me. I carry a beautiful massage candle created by a good friend. Every now and then I see a massage candle something and I let her know because you need to know who your competition is right? I
offer her candles on my site.
Well I was checking out my keywords of what is bringing visitors to my site when I saw eBay
has been visiting and pulling a image off my website. I didn't say that was ok so I went over
to eBay to see whats up. I saw someone was selling a massage candle BUT she was using my
image so she was selling my bandwidth!!! OH no you don't!! So I told Cindy about it, the creator
she went looking on eBay as well and Nope that person didn't have the right to do so.
She talked to her and threatened her with copyright laws because she was not only using my
image, but she was selling the candle way too low!!!
So next time you see something that you don't think is right and you are a website owner
and someone is jacking your bandwidth, it pays to stop it. Made me happy, you see I am the
only one who is able to offer her candles for now and I will always help out a friend. Its don't
f**k with my friends because I will back them up and besides I lost money cause of her. :(

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Ever Heard of Reader's Choice? If so tell them NO!

Have I got something to talk about today. I have a son that sign up for magazines that you pay so much a week. Not a problem, he got 6 magazines. Then he started having problems with them and wanted to stop all the magazines and cancel his account. Nope no can do! We were told that they can't stop magazines once they been ordered. Wait, if I can do it why can't they who sell magazines subscriptions for a living do?Something smells fishy now.
What is wrong with this picture? They want more than a child who has a low paying job can afford. These magazines were only for 2 years. Thats such a lie! Try for up to 10 years!

BUT get this! While he is trying to close his account with Reader's Choice he started getting bills from YET another magazine company! For real! And he now owes them as much as he
does Reader's Choice.. The bill for both added up is almost $2000.00 Yes you are reading this right.
He was signed up for a second magazine company for another 6 magazines! What the hell??? He was signed up by someone saying that they are him. Now who in their mind would do that to a child? Me thinks someone is running wild and now we have no idea how many of these magazine companies he might be signed up and now much money he might still be owing and not know.
Kind of scary when you think about it, is it not?

I called one of the magazines to see if I can close his account with them and cancel them, I was
told that only International Magazines can close his account. HUH? Who's are they?
I called another magazine company and asked them the same question, I got told that it could
be closed only by Budget Reader Services. What? What happen to Reader's Choice? Both magazines were signed up for 10 years! Huh? What happen to only 2 years?
Be warn everyone if Reader's Choice or any magazine company calls you telling you about this
great deal only so much a week don't go for it. In fact HANG UP!!!
They are going to mess with his credit, he now has two accounts wanting even more money!
Its such a mess that I have to warn you about this. I have even heard of people like this
signing up for credit cards in your name and using it as if they are you!

When we talked to them on the phone wanting something so simple as how much he has paid and how much he owes I got told this."Our computers can't do that I guess I could write you out something." What company can't create a simple form bill statement?

Please do ever go for this because it comes under "if it looks too good its no good for you!!
Now if anyone can help me with saving my son's credit and life please email me at
beautyoverall @ (remove the spaces) and give me ideas of what we can do.
We been hearing horror stories of what has happen to other kids catch up in this.
Its wrong, and they can't be allow to get away with this. Share this information Coffee blog
readers, save other people's children today!
Thanks for listening to me bitch..

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Traffic Secrets Unleashed

I usually don't do reviews of ebooks and never about getting traffic for your website but
this one is different. Best of all this one is free!

A brand new traffic manual has just hit the shelves that you have to check out immediately.

Traffic Secrets Unleashed by Jason Oickle promises to deliver all the secrets you
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Does it live up to it's promises?

In one word... YES!

I have just finished reading Jason's new manual and I was literally glued to the pages
from cover to cover.

This really is a pure beef, no filler manual and it is packed to the brim with everything
you need to know to get some real visitors to your site.

Here is a just small taste of what awaits you:

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Don't you think it is about time that you turn your website into a traffic sucking magnet
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The best part is, you can get instant access to this manual at absolutely NO COST!

Go ahead and see what all the fuss is about at:

Check it and tell them Kim send you from
Now I am going to getting things set up to use some of his tricks to get more traffic and hopefully some more buyers of mood changing nail polish! See ya!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Image Sultry Smoky Eyes

Image owned & created by Kim Snyder Copyright 2007
I been playing around with Photoshop can gave up with a pretty good idea of a image for
smoky eyes. Ok putting on smoky eye makeup.. Tell me what you think ok? Go ahead and read my article about creating Sultry Smoky Eyes and you will see what I think this image works on giving you a idea what it should look like. I thought purple would make it easier to see the differences in colors as they are being added.

Friday, February 16, 2007

How Tamz Came to be.. Thanks to TV Friends!

Hair Care Please...
I was going through some old magazines I had to see what I should keep for business reasons
or just throw away. I keep articles etc to help me write better articles ..Nothing worse than trying to write about something only to have your facts all wrong.
I used to get Jane Magazine before they changed and became all oh I don't know how to really explain it only they changed and I didn't care for it.
As I was about to throw away my very last one something caught my eye...The name of the piece was "Glitter wishes and powder puff dreams ~ If you're product obsessed, start your own beauty biz already."
Ok Ok no big deal right? Wrong!! It started off with "Even Estee Lauder had to start somewhere."
I started reading it and low and behold I read this: Have an ultraspecific vision ~ That's how Atlanta sisters/business partners Elizabeth White, 27, and Jacquelyn Stafford, 23, created
Tamz, a hair product designed to tame unruliness, a few years ago. Jacquelyn got the idea when she was watching Friends and noticed that Jennifer Aniston's It hair was marred by random flyaways.
OH MY GOD!! Here was a article about the beginnings of a hair product I offer! I had no idea that it was thought up because Jacquelyn was just watching TV one night and there was a product need right there in front of her face! WOW huh?
I went of reading and the article talked about how Elizabeth contacted some distributors in the US by looking under COSMETICS MANUFACTURERS in the phone book.. I am not making this up!
She then found that they were all so far out of her money range that she just Googled it and send out a mass email till a company in Taiwan replied. They worked out a deal and then started testing it out on girlfriends hair. lol They started out thinking of making the packaging pink and green but the focus groups said it reminded them of Maybelline New York Great Lash so in the end it became a simple brown in color.
The end of the article told you to be prepared to lose your social life. When they get together with friends Elizabeth says its all consuming.. all she talks about. They want it to be a international sensation and is thinking about a line for men, maybe for your eyebrows who know??
I would like to thank Jane Issue DECEMBER 2005/JANUARY 2006 for this amazing information about a product I offer! You can visit Jane at