Saturday, September 01, 2007

Mascara Smudging Under Your Eyes Again?

Like every other woman who has to walk out that door in the morning I wear makeup.
Oh wow like I wouldn’t .. PLESSE..
There are days that no matter what my mascara smudges under my eyes. I am sure there is a secret to not having it happen and I think I figured it out. Bet you're going to ask me what am I doing aren’t you? That’s why I am here..
Ok picture this, I am putting my makeup on like I do every morning, btw I wear my own brand of mineral eye shadows and I am a faithful wearer of Black Magic Mascara and Magic Lash Can’t talk about if I don’t wear it right? So I am putting on my mineral eye shadow when I decided to be a bit different and wear it as well up close on my lower lid under my lashes. But I only decided this after I had already put on my eye shadow.
I use those really neat cotton tip scabs that you get from your local drug store cause they are round and flat on one end on the other end they are pointed. They cost a bit more but I use less. So I was using the round flat end to put on my mineral eye shadow up under my lashes and I ended up rubbing the tips of my lashes on this cotton scab. As I was applying my mineral eye shadow I also removed any wet mascara still on my lower lashes.
I didn’t think anything of it, I left to go out to run packages to the Post Office among other things I needed to do.
I stopped to look over what was new in a store line of makeup when the young lady behind the corner told me my eyes looked great! I stopped and look into the mirror and I be damn my mascara stayed in place all day! Not black under my eyes! Wow I decided to try it again the next day and it works.
The secret to keeping your mascara from smudging is really quite simple, after you apply it to your lower lashes, apply eye shadow under your lashes with a cotton scab and be sure to rub the tips of your lashes on it to get any mascara that might still be wet. It helps set your mascara. BTW Black Magic Mascara is a awesome mascara, because the company says its waterproof and I will tell you it is, I wore it when my mother in law passed away and it stay on my eyes while I was crying.. BUT the cool thing is its not hard on your eyelashes and you can wear it everyday and not have to worry.

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