Thursday, September 28, 2006

Contest ends midnight Sept 30th!!

Two more days and the contest is done. I still do not have a winner!! Now how hard is it to find the magazine Shop Etc and find the page its one? How about I help you out with the image of what magazine you need to be looking for? I will work on that, but you need to get busy and find Shop Etc and tell me what page Tamz on.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Having a Contest Over at Beauty-Blog!

Good Morning! All you Monday People who are up this time!
I am having a Contest as of RIGHT NOW!! Now you have to go over to my Beauty-Blog
to view all the rules but its pretty simple.
You are to check out the Beauty Magazines that are for October that have come out in the
pass few days.
Find me a Page.
Find me TAMZ on that page and tell me how many images are on the page along with the TAMZ.

That way I know for sure you really saw it and not have someone tell you about it.
Oh Tell me which magazine it is.. LOL

The first Three get a FREE TAMZ! The very first one to give me the answers I am looking for
will also receive a nail polish! Cool huh?
Go over to and check out Tamz and see what its the newest and
coolest item to keep flyawayz at bay! Got a high forehead and want bangs to cover it a little but
the hair just doesn't stay in place? You need to try Tamz then! Its better for your hair than clear mascara is and it just looks super cool and small enough to take anywhere!
Good Luck everyone !
OH opps you need to email me. kim @ (remove the spaces) Give me a break ok? It's Monday!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Did my first Review today!

yea I did! I got in the mail a Body Wash and Body Lotion from Johnson's and Johnson's. Its not even out on the market yet when I got it! hehehe so I tried it out and you know what? I was really surprised. Anyway you have to visit my beauty blog to see what all the fuss is about.

I am thinking of doing more reviews as I get products to try out. I get some from other website owners who would like to offer their products on my website. I got Olivella that way. They contacted me and asked if I would be interested in offering their skin care line. It's smells like you are in a spa everytime I use it. And when I had hand lotion I would share it with others and thats the reaction I got from as well. Oh darn now I can't do that one. OH well..
Anyone has something they want me to review well its time to speak up! Ok its really super late and I got emails to answer. So stop on by Beauty-Blog by me and see what I thought about the body wash and body lotion/

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Smoky Eyes pictures

This goes great with my article " Let's Create Sultry Smoky Eyes" What you think?

I am putting together a ebook of a few of my best
articles including Let's Create Sultry Smoky Eyes. I will also have in the ebook How does one defined the meaning of Beauty? ebooks, one will be Free and the other one will have my article about Marilyn Monroe's Beauty Secrets and that one will be for sale. You are hearing about it here first! I am still deciding on the price because it wasn't that easy to figure out what her beauty secrets may of been.

I came across the funniest quote that just fits this blog:

DRINK MORE COFFEE: So you can do more stupid things faster! ~ Unknown

Well boys and girls, whats you think, fit this blog? LOL ok ok I think its funny I don't know why I just do. I ran across some really cool images that fit smoky eyes makeup.. So you tell me aren't these the most beautiful smoky eyes you ever did see? I have another one that is just amazing as well! They are all the same girls eyes and she is beautiful as you can see.