Saturday, May 20, 2006

How to become your own make-up artist

How to become your own make-up artist

You really need to get Serjame's CD and its AMAZNG the work
he has put into it. I know he is working on his website and I think I should give the
guy a break. After emailing back and forth answering his web design questions,
I have to change my mind about it.
I had at first been a bit hard of the guy and he is trying so hard. I should of waited till I
gave the guy a chance. Everynow and then we all know I can jump the gun and be a bit
mean when I really shouldn't. No one perfect, even me. AT first I will abit his site was ugly
but you know that are sites out there that are so ugly they make everyones eyes just hurt. Those sites are covered with banners and yuck! His site was black and had one picture that was waving. I know he is working so hard and I need to remember that not everyone is at the level of education with webdesign and there is tons of stuff if I had the time I would change on mine as well.

AT least when I emailed him and told my friends to check out his site we all have given him ideas
on how to show the beauty he has to share, have it show on his website.
BUT Serjame he and I started emailing back and forth and he is a super neat person!! I should
have my fingers spanked for words that you see I removed. I had no right and I do hope he
will forgive me.
When my site when up omg its was bad! I had a double site going because I didn't know how to up date PHP cause you can't update PHP like you can HTML. But it was before blogs are big and no one noticed my little pink site. I still get told that Pink is the worse color for a website and I have to disagree. So to each there own.
You all need to keep an eye on his website because I know that when he is done with it you will be begging him for his CD. I did buy it and I went through it and I learn a few new things when I did.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Overall Beauty, Home of Mood changing nail polish and Magic Lash!

Overall Beauty, Home of Mood changing nail polish and Magic Lash!

Decided it was time to have a Sale on Summer Colors for your Toes!
So many colors to pick from so little time, only 3 days! There is one thing that only readers of this Blog will know. There will be one Buyer this sale gets a Free Magic Lash Eyelash Enhancer! Now I don't think you can beat that anywhere!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

She is changing!

The opening page to is changing her
color! In fact she will be changing everything about her, till you
see a new improved front page! It has been a long time coming
and when I know I didn't like something I know! Thanks to my
mom it is going to be changing her skin.
The products you been looking for , well guess what? When you land
on that page you will know for sure that you have found the right
site for the beauty product you are looking for. So you better go
look because that page is changing and it will be changing so much
for the better!!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Ya Ya I am making noises about Bonicca again!

Life is Organic - Organic Spa Lotion world by Bonicca

I keep getting hits from this website and I couldn't figure out why.
OK OK I was wondering before morning coffee... so give me a bit of a break..In fact I am having a iced Latte.. created with coffee #5100 from the The Natural Co-op that I am member of, Silk creamer from in fact in Hazelnut (if need to have something Lactose Free like me ) Splenda in the yellow packages the only time I watch my waist line from growing is in my coffee. Don't ask my mom does so I do..
Ok now that I have my coffee I can quit being a duh head..
This blog is own by the creaters of Bonicca and Kim one of the co-owners is one of the neatest people I have ever got to be business with.
In fact she knows how much I am trying to create the best body scrub that she gave me some ideas to use my roses that you know about..Ya its that time of year again..Look out my window and what do you see.. Pretty Pink and white roses waving in the light wind..I even have a couple of deep reds and my Purple tiger that I am so damn proud of is doing her thing this year as well.
Bonicca is the cream of natural skin care. They are the best I could ever offer and I even started using it mostly now. I still love my Peeptoad Hollow Body Polish but the body lotion is now all Bonicca.
I love being able to offer all that I do. If you look on this page down at the bottom you see my table from the bank! Yea and I going to do that again in July!
I am going to go back to work I am listening to some New New Age music that I hope to be able to add to when I get her all done and ready to show her off. I want to add more natural Yoga music and more to her.