Monday, May 08, 2006

Ya Ya I am making noises about Bonicca again!

Life is Organic - Organic Spa Lotion world by Bonicca

I keep getting hits from this website and I couldn't figure out why.
OK OK I was wondering before morning coffee... so give me a bit of a break..In fact I am having a iced Latte.. created with coffee #5100 from the The Natural Co-op that I am member of, Silk creamer from in fact in Hazelnut (if need to have something Lactose Free like me ) Splenda in the yellow packages the only time I watch my waist line from growing is in my coffee. Don't ask my mom does so I do..
Ok now that I have my coffee I can quit being a duh head..
This blog is own by the creaters of Bonicca and Kim one of the co-owners is one of the neatest people I have ever got to be business with.
In fact she knows how much I am trying to create the best body scrub that she gave me some ideas to use my roses that you know about..Ya its that time of year again..Look out my window and what do you see.. Pretty Pink and white roses waving in the light wind..I even have a couple of deep reds and my Purple tiger that I am so damn proud of is doing her thing this year as well.
Bonicca is the cream of natural skin care. They are the best I could ever offer and I even started using it mostly now. I still love my Peeptoad Hollow Body Polish but the body lotion is now all Bonicca.
I love being able to offer all that I do. If you look on this page down at the bottom you see my table from the bank! Yea and I going to do that again in July!
I am going to go back to work I am listening to some New New Age music that I hope to be able to add to when I get her all done and ready to show her off. I want to add more natural Yoga music and more to her.
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