Friday, October 28, 2005

Does Weather Effect Your Weight?

I was reading this amazing articles about weight and how where you live might have something to do with the waist size. I thought is was pure bull till I did some research and found out some very interesting facts that I then put into a article for everyone to take a look at. I have it for now on the front page of my catalog on my web site, so take a look and let me know what you think..ok?
I am thinking of putting a poll with it, cause this is just something others might know more about then me. Go visit and see if what I wrote was true in your mind or if I am just full of it. I honestly want to know!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Today I did Work How about you?

I had got to the Nail Pro Show and had so much fun, I been talking about it ever since. Well today now that I am feeling better, I called one of the people who was there to talk about maybe working today.
Got a new wholesaler, well we hope anyway. There is this really neat nail polish company that I didn't know has been around for 40 years and I met the guy who the nail polish is named after. I really need different things to offer besides mood polish. I think there should be more choices and with Christmas coming, well what ever it takes right? Well these guys sell essential fragrance Cuticle Oil, I had got one free in my goody bag from the Nail Pro Show. I got one that smells like Mango and I really like it! Hopefully I will be able to offer the wonderful smelling great for your nails cuticle oil real soon so you all be watching for ok?
I still have on sale buy 3 nail polishes by toma and you get a free mood polish. How's that for a deal? ;) Now being offered "Indulgence" Music to relax with.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

What are you reading today?

Now step back and look at what you are reading today. Not what you read online, no blogs no web sites or articles, really step back and think, what real live books are you reading? I went to the library again last week, mygod the ladies all working there know me!! I have a total of 24 books I have checked out and I think over the last 2 weeks I have checked over 150 different books on a few ideas I am working on. I have the books about beauty products (thats for article writing), books on e-commerce (for the site), books on advertising (again the site) even a few on eBay. I am looking at so many books that half mine and half the libraries. There is a this one book and I get a kick out of just the name. Its called Don't Think Pink about marketing to woman. Now the every first thing I have wrong if going by this book that my site is pink. Opps bad Kim but the rest I am good at. The whole idea behind the book is how men see marketing to women is and how they do it and just how wrong men are!
Now what I mean by that is not all women are home makers anymore, money is just way too tight or there is no one else bring in the money so women need to work. The idea is there is a need to market to those women without insulting their intellect. Now ladies have we not all seen the ads that do just that? Now I work on the computer thats my job, I am at home and I work on the computer and I have seen ads that are so looking down on the fact that I don't work outside the home. Now I have also read that more and more home businesses are created by, you guess it, women who have decided to stay at home raise their kids and still bring in money. Bravo ladies Bravo!
Now a few of the books I am reading have to do with that subject. One book is called Mompreneurs on using the internet to build a home based business. At the end of this I will put all the names of the books I am talking about and who they are by incase you want to read them. I have another one about small business sourcebook. I haven't had time to look it over yet but I got it cause its has information about small business. Do I have any books not having to do with my site, my job me..I count myself as one of the women a lot of advertising is created for marketing. The reason I am reading all these books is a good reason I guess. I started a business and didn't do all the research on marketing, advertising, writing articles etc so I am playing catch up. I don't mind cause I am a very fast reader Thanks Mom! and I can read most of the books I have and have them back before the end of this week and then start looking for more. I have this major thirst for knowledge and I have found that now as I am older it doesn't bother me to read, take notes, find books mostly do all those things that when I was in High School I was too busy trying to get out of. Now a lot of home businesses the women do all this before they even take a business so that no mistakes are made and no money lost.
The problem I have is I am still working on the true niche business that will make me money I just want to do so many things but money is the one thing holding me back so I read. By reading I am finding ways to get things done with little money or none depending and thats good. I have three site ideas I want to do. The one I have done the second one I am working on and I want to setup one of eBay. Not asking to do much am I? The work is all me thats why Iam trying to find the best way to do it and for me the best place to find out information is in a book.
Books mention:
Don't Think Pink by Lisa Johnson & Andrea Learned
What really makes women buy-and how to increase your share of this crucial market
Mompreneurs online by Patricia Cobe & Ellen H. Parlapiano
Featuring strategies from hundreds of moms who have found success in cyberspace!
The Complete Small-Business Sourcebook by Carl Hausman & Wilbur Cross
Information, Services and Expects Every Small and Home-Based Business Needs
All these and more can be found at your local library

Monday, October 10, 2005

Branding My Name

One of more important things to do when being someone who sells items online whether it be information or products is branding your name and web site. To find out if your name is getting out there is to look for as a keyword in say Google or Yahoo. So I googled my name.
Well if you look at that link you will find that me as in Overallbeauty doesn't come up till page 2.
If you ever want to find out whats out there with your name in just Google your name.
It seems that there is a Kim Snyder who sings Christian music, voice over in Hollywood,Special Events Assistant, writer and painter, gee I sure that was me but as a web site owner I come up on page 2 at the top one and two only for the reviews I did at when you get to page three there I am as Web Site Owner.
IF you are thinking I am whining about the fact for real I am not because 4 months ago I couldn't find me at all! So this means that I am getting out there under my name. But this also tells me that I can't really use my name yet because I haven't online as a site owner long enough or should I? There is 1,960,000 , I am thinking I am more but in not that much in the top 3 pages that everyone looks at most. Should I push me as me? Or keep going at it as Overallbeauty? If you were in my place what would you do? Have you Googled your name lately?
There are women when they meet someone either offline or at some matching making site, my single mother does this, they google the name of the person just to see. It there is bad news about someone it will run wild on the web, in fact bad new of any type runs fast on the web its just a shame that good news doesn't go as far that fast. Its just one of the ways women who chat with or gets dates is by googling that person's name. Do you? Its one of the ways to try to find out if that person is safe enough to meet. Its hard dating as it is or so I am been told. I can give you the secret to how to stay married but dating Nope I ask mother. My mother been single a long time and dates and finds alot of them on the web cause she does long distance eduction.
Anyway, why not google your name and see what comes up, its just another way to find out about yourself. Do you know you? hahaha

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

FREE Nail Polish Anyone??

Just what I said..FREE Mood Changing Nail Polish! Yeah the company let me put on this sale of any 3 Toma Nail Polishes you get 1 Mood Polish FREE! Thats a good deal if I have ever heard and even more so if you been wanting to try out a Mood Polish but didn't want to go ahead and buy one. Plus if you order anytime from Now to the end of the Month you can get still another FREE Gift! Only have to buy $25.00 or more and you get a FREE 4 oz natural handmade bath salts in either Lavender, Seaform or Citus and you can't find it anywhere cause I have them all!! Yes thats is right I have them but you only have to order $25.00 dollars worth from! I even have a testamonal from someone who has try it and LOVED it! I gave it to her as a gift cause I like her so much! She lives next door to me. You need to go onto to read her short but very honest thoughts of the Lavender Bath Salts!