Monday, October 10, 2005

Branding My Name

One of more important things to do when being someone who sells items online whether it be information or products is branding your name and web site. To find out if your name is getting out there is to look for as a keyword in say Google or Yahoo. So I googled my name.
Well if you look at that link you will find that me as in Overallbeauty doesn't come up till page 2.
If you ever want to find out whats out there with your name in just Google your name.
It seems that there is a Kim Snyder who sings Christian music, voice over in Hollywood,Special Events Assistant, writer and painter, gee I sure that was me but as a web site owner I come up on page 2 at the top one and two only for the reviews I did at when you get to page three there I am as Web Site Owner.
IF you are thinking I am whining about the fact for real I am not because 4 months ago I couldn't find me at all! So this means that I am getting out there under my name. But this also tells me that I can't really use my name yet because I haven't online as a site owner long enough or should I? There is 1,960,000 , I am thinking I am more but in not that much in the top 3 pages that everyone looks at most. Should I push me as me? Or keep going at it as Overallbeauty? If you were in my place what would you do? Have you Googled your name lately?
There are women when they meet someone either offline or at some matching making site, my single mother does this, they google the name of the person just to see. It there is bad news about someone it will run wild on the web, in fact bad new of any type runs fast on the web its just a shame that good news doesn't go as far that fast. Its just one of the ways women who chat with or gets dates is by googling that person's name. Do you? Its one of the ways to try to find out if that person is safe enough to meet. Its hard dating as it is or so I am been told. I can give you the secret to how to stay married but dating Nope I ask mother. My mother been single a long time and dates and finds alot of them on the web cause she does long distance eduction.
Anyway, why not google your name and see what comes up, its just another way to find out about yourself. Do you know you? hahaha
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