Tuesday, October 04, 2005

FREE Nail Polish Anyone??

Just what I said..FREE Mood Changing Nail Polish! Yeah the company let me put on this sale of any 3 Toma Nail Polishes you get 1 Mood Polish FREE! Thats a good deal if I have ever heard and even more so if you been wanting to try out a Mood Polish but didn't want to go ahead and buy one. Plus if you order anytime from Now to the end of the Month you can get still another FREE Gift! Only have to buy $25.00 or more and you get a FREE 4 oz natural handmade bath salts in either Lavender, Seaform or Citus and you can't find it anywhere cause I have them all!! Yes thats is right I have them but you only have to order $25.00 dollars worth from Overallbeauty.com! I even have a testamonal from someone who has try it and LOVED it! I gave it to her as a gift cause I like her so much! She lives next door to me. You need to go onto http://overallbeauty.com/beauty-blog/ to read her short but very honest thoughts of the Lavender Bath Salts!
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