Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas everyone!

Have your holiday season bring you love and joy.. and a even better coming New Year!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Unique Holiday Gift Ideas

Ever do a gift exchange with your family? How about Secret Santa with your co-workers? Or even watched in anticipation at a friends or child's birthday party? The excitement builds and everyone can't wait to see what unique holiday gift ideas the rest have gotten, and you just know that this year is going to be different. Finally the time to open the gifts has arrived, and you watch as all the gifts are opened and to everyone's disappointment, the presents are the same old ones from last year, and the year before, and even before that one.

It appears that there is no uniqueness to anyone's gifts anymore. Ties, socks, even underwear has become second nature to some gift-givers. To others, you receive watches, earrings and other jewelry, and even kitchen utensils. And for those who were in a hurry and could not make up their mind, a simple card that said they thought of you on this special day.

So this year you want to be different. You swear that the person who receives your next gift will not have to suffer with a boring gift that took very little thought to purchase. You sit down and start to brainstorm what unique holiday gift ideas you can come up with to really surprise the entirety of the celebration party.

To start with, there is your female co-worker, Jane. What unique holiday gift idea can you come up with for the woman who loves gardening and especially loves to receive roses? Well, to start, a glass crystal rose would be a perfect compliment to her cubicle's d├ęcor, or even her own windowsill at home. Yet another unique holiday gift idea would be a Chia-plant herb garden. This way she can show off her green thumb, while also using fresh herbs in her cooking.

Next comes Ted, your boss. He always appears to be in a bad mood and very rarely smiles. Ted is always given ties and accessories for the ties he receives, and every year he takes the gifts cordially but never wears the ties he's been given. This year, as a unique holiday gift idea, you decide you're going to give Ted something he can really use and be proud to display. You notice that he always has a cell phone, the new PDA he just acquired, and his iPod that he loves to use to unwind during slow times of the business. So you decide a multiple electronic charging station is just the unique holiday gift idea you've been looking for.

So, you've taken care of the office, but what about your spouse? What unique holiday gift idea can you give your wife or husband. You scramble to think of the best, most unique gift for your spouse when it comes to you like a brilliant spark. For those of us who have wives, the perfect unique holiday gift idea is a digital picture frame that can show multiple family photos all in one location. However, for those of us who have husbands, a wonderful idea is a portable propane grill that attaches to the hitch of the truck for true tailgating occasions. Both spouses will love showing these items off, as well as using them quite often.

Finally, you have the grandparents. They brought you into this world and reared you up right. A unique holiday gift idea for them is only natural to want. So with a lot of love an consideration, you figure a nice new pair of slippers that have a pair a bright lights built into them would make walking to the bathroom at night, or even to the kitchen for a late snack, much more safe for them.

You sit back and think how you are going to be the envy of all due to your creative genius and the creative holiday gift ideas you were able to give.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

More Winter Pedicure Ideas ~ Give your feet some love!

More Winter Pedicure Ideas ~ Give your feet some love! by Kim Snyder

Just because no one sees your toes during the wintertime doesn’t mean
you should stop getting pedicures done. During the winter calluses
still build up on your heels, your skin on your legs just gets drier and
flaky and untouchable. Just because you have your feet in boots
all day shouldn’t stop you from getting a pedicure done. And
besides its always feel good to have someone else take care of your
feet after a long hard work day. You don’t have to get your
toes painted either.

Those that are at the dating age, you don’t want your new date seeing
you in your hot little black dress with flaky dry legs do you? And
besides unless you live somewhere that has snow, a hot little black
dress or really dress of any color almost demands that you wear
open toed shoes with sexy nail polish painted toes. If you are a
fashion forward person you already know that some of the hottest
boots this year are open toed. Why not show off your sense of style
with trendy nail polish in purples or blues?

Read the rest of this article at

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Free Giveaway at "Thoughts of Beauty"!!

Now I know we all love free stuff right? Well right now over at Thoughts of Beauty we are having a giveaway! All you have to do is ask your most pressing beauty question and there you go, you are in the running to win 2 prizes! Not one but two cause I thought one prize just wasn't even enough for all the cool readers of Thoughts of Beauty.
BIG Surprise!! There may be another giveaway really soon with a FREE hairstyling tool as the giveaway. Get this, the item is worth $99.99 Dollars! You will know more about it when I do, they just asked me today if that was something I might interested in doing. Wow what you think fans? Are you worth a free giveaway worth almost $100.00? Yeah that is what I thought, YES!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Haunted Bloggy Carnival is Here!

Haunted Bloggy Carnival is Here! Over $2330.00 In Prizes! International Too!
Special Announcement

Welcome to the Weird Stuff In My Desk Haunted Bloggy Carnival Spooktacular event! The carnival starts at 8:00 am Central time October 27th ALL WEEK and ends on November 2nd at 11:59 pm Pacific time. Comments will be enabled at that time so you won’t be able to post until then.

The winners will be contacted and announced sometime the week of the 3rd. You will have to give us some time to sort through all of the hundreds of entries. Thanks for your patience on this.

Hang on to your seats and keyboards because we have a line up of prize contributions like we have never seen before. Right now we have over $2330.00 in prizes up for grabs!! AND another $3865.00 in prizes at our sister site Bitten By Books! Check those prizes out here: If we don’t have enough prizes for your blood, remember to visit all of the other participating blogs at the main Bloggy Carnival page here.

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Now I bet you are wondering just how you can win some of this spectacular loot! There are a TON of ways to win. Do to different states laws you MUST be 18 to enter. You do NOT have to have a blog to participate.

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And last but certainly not least A BIG thank you to our fabulous contributors!!
And yes is one of the contributors to this totally awesome giveaway!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Sleep and Insomnia

When people say they are having their beauty sleep they are certainly telling the truth.
Natural Cures For Insomnia
Sleep can do more for anti aging than many other factors combined as this is a time when the body recovers and regenerates.

With a lack of sleep the body doesn't get a chance to recover from the rigors of the day and slowly but surely your state of health with degenerate.

As we become more and more tired from a lack of sleep other things are needed to help us make it through the day and they often come in the form of low value, high sugar energy drinks and high carb junk foods that give a temporary burst until hunger strikes again and another fattening mouthful of food is required.

Soon the combination of a lack of sleep and poor nutrition leads to sedentary lifestyle where there is no time, energy or inclination for exercise and the downward spiral of poor health continues to increase the aging process.

Without sufficient sleep you can't hope to look your best and soon the muscles under the skin will become tired and the skin will lose its elasticity. The face will begin to sag and you will look tired and older.

Sleep deprivation will cause the body to store more fat and that will also make you look older. The fitter and healthier you can remain the younger you will look and it is not possible to be at your optimum level of health when you are trying to get by without enough sleep.

Insomnia affects a large portion of the population and the fast lifestyle that we all lead and the financial stress that many people are under these days certainly adds to the problems we have relaxing however there are many good resources available that can help people overcome insomnia.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

ninaswindow Gave It's Coffee Time Again a award!

This just such a honor and would like to thank Nina's Window for such award.

"And this is from Nina's Window blog so you understand why this is such a honor to me.
Uber (synonym to Super) Amazing Blog Award is a blog award given to sites who:~ inspires you~ makes you smile and laugh~ or maybe gives amazing information~ a great read~ has an amazing design~ and any other reasons you can think of that makes them uber amazing!The rules of this award are:* Put the logo on your blog or post.* Nominate at least 5 blogs (can be more) that for you are Uber Amazing!* Let them know that they have received this Uber Amazing award by commenting on their blog.* Share the love and link to this post and to the person you received your award from."
The blogs that I am giving my award to are:

Sunday, October 12, 2008


A very good friend of mine Debbie runs a blog for weddings. Favors, offering really awesome Western Style wedding goodies. We are on a few beauty social media sites together. I had posted a article I wrote about "25 things to think about before getting married" after my son's marriage of 21 days fell apart.
Debbie felt it was a good idea to share it with her readers and I am sharing it with you so you can visit Debbie and see all the really cool things she has to offer.
Tell her Kim send you!

Friday, September 05, 2008

Halloween Makeup how to: Marilyn Monroe

I was looking for how to create Marilyn Monroe's look! I found this over at
Now if you want to do it and have a makeup tutorial on DVD you really need this:
The Halloween Collection Makeup DVD with 13 looks including Ms. Monroe.
Read on:

How to Look Like Marilyn Monroe

from wikiHow - The How to Manual That You Can Edit

Want to look more like the blonde bombshell? Here is a brief guide on how to look Hollywood gorgeous.


  1. Bleach your hair until you reach platinum blond, if you are fair-skinned. If you are dark-skinned, dye it a light-brown shade.
  2. Copy her eyebrow shape, high arched, thin and filled in
  3. Cut your hair chin-length and add loose curls for that vintage vixen look. Or, you could go with the tighter pin curls.
  4. Curl your eyelashes if you want to keep them real. Wear dark brown or black lengthening mascara. Line your upper eyelid with a thin line of dark brown or charcoal colored eyeliner.
  5. Wear false lashes if you want obvious length and fullness in your lashes.
  6. Add a beauty mark above your lip with brown eyeliner for the full Marilyn effect.
  7. Apply a red lipstick that flatters your skin tone.Lightly outline your lips first in a matching shade or slightly lighter
  8. Dress in feminine 1950's style clothes-polka dots, pencil skirts, vintage sweaters, high heels, and flowy fabrics in innocent (but obviously not) colors.
  9. Wear simple jewelry such as a strand of pearls or two chandelier earrings with no other jewelry.Wear diamonds also, the more glamorous the better. Emphasize one item. ("DIAMONDS are a girl's best friend)!
  10. Add a slight shake or seductive wiggle into your hips as you walk. It should not be pronounced and clownish, but sexy and confident.
  11. Lower your voice to sound like hers and say things like "Isn't it wonderful" in a seductive tone. Also to remember to leave a lot of breath in your voice. Marilyn was known for her breathy voice.
  12. Remember to let your eyes do the talking. Marilyn was an expert at batting her eyes.

  • This look works well if you are curvier. If you are not curvy, try different clothing colors and styles to accentuate your shape. Marilyn was known for her hourglass figure. You might also consider buying a girdle.
  • A curvier shape can be created with cinch belts.
  • Pin curls work well if you don't have naturally curly hair. Or if you do have naturally curly/wavy hair, and just want the curls to be tighter.


  • This look might not work for everyone
  • People might accuse you of trying too hard!
  • Don't worry about your weight. Marilyn was not super skinny like modern models you see today.
  • Don't make the mistake of just coming off as an airhead.
Related wikiHows Article provided by wikiHow, a collaborative writing project to build the world's largest, highest quality how-to manual. Please edit this article and find author credits at the original wikiHow article on How to Look Like Marilyn Monroe. All content on wikiHow can be shared under a Creative Commons license.

Or you can just buy the The Halloween Collection Vol. 1 and have a makeup tutorial walk you through the Marliyn Monroe's look along with 12 other really hot looks for Halloween.

Your call on that!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Eyelash Growth Products

I was out on the web looking for something else and came across something really interesting about a round up of Eyelash Growth products and a little good or bad about them. Wow I had no idea!
If she is correct and I think she is, quite a few of the major players out there with eyelash growth products all have a ingredient that isn't something to be messing around with.

"Jan Marini Age Intervention Eyelash Conditioner: It contained prostaglandin (an analogue to be precise), a powerful drug used to treat glaucoma. The positive side effect is that it makes your eyelashes darker, thicker and longer. Bad side effects can include burning/itching and change of eye color."

So I googled it: And found out what "prostaglandin" is and what it for:

Clinical uses

Synthetic prostaglandins are used:


Do I understand all that? No but I do understand that if an ingredient being used for Glaucoma is in a eyelash growth product, I don't want anything to do with it! And its FDA drug and you need FDA ok to be using it anything, including eyelash growth products. At least you would think right? I don't knock companies trying to give you what you want, a product that grows your lashes. Me? I think I would rather use something I know that has natural fibers and doesn't go on my lashes at night and sits there while I sleep. AND doesn't cost $100.00 plus. Magic Lash at least is something I can use everyday and not have to worry about it.
Read here if its something you might be interested in:
Magic Lash Eyelash Enhancer
Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Creating Intense Smoky Eyes

Smoky ey
es come in many different colors these days from grays and black, to purple, blues and browns. . It has been said you must use dark and neutral colors, like dark grays or blacks. But not so true in today’s modern world. When you really think about it, smoky eyes are the bedroom eyes of the sirens of yesteryear. The sirens of the past all had a signature look that even you yourself can create.

Your basic smoky eyes take only a few items to create with.
Two eye shadow colors that are in the same family of color. Grays work well with black or another shade of gray. Dark colors are the norm, not forgetting you need one color to contrast the other.

You must have eyeliner! Either liquid eyeliner, pencil or just use the dark color eye shadow as eyeliner but eyeliner is a must have. Along with a black mascara and if you want your lashes to be way out there, don’t forget Hollywood’s secret weapon Magic Lash! Works better than false lashes and just easier to work with.
Also don’t forget your basic tools of smoky eye creating, two makeup brushes, one to apply your eye shadows and one to blend/smudge with. A smaller tip makeup brush works great adding depth to your crease as well as applying eye shadow to be used as eyeliner. Q-tips are great to have on hand as well. As well as a eyelash curler to really open your eyes with.

Other items you could use if you really wanted, a makeup primer to keep your eye shadows in place, concealer under your eyes to lighten up the area and even a matte white eye shadow to put in the corner of your eyes just above and around the tear duct. We are going for intense here but this look is yours to have fun with.

In your 20’s using liquid eyeliner is truly fun to go bold with. Paint a black line above your lashes that widens and extends upward at the outer corner of your eyes, letting it dry for at least 5 minutes before touching it. While in your 20’s smoky eyes can be easily pulled off using this dramatic effect without looking like a clown.

In your 30’s black liquid eyeliner maybe too harsh for you. Not counting Angelina Jolie eyes that is. Her look is not a smoky look per say, but she has the most asked for look in today’s Hollywood elite! The reason why it said that’s its not really smoky eyes is because of the choice of color eye shadows that are used. But still she has the sexiest eyes on the planet!
To really enjoy the truly sexy look of Angelina Jolie, check out her signature bat wing black liquid eyeliner, her expertly arched eyebrows, she often reminds you how truly elegant she is with yet a touch of a rebellious edge.

The major reason why her eyes are such the focus is how she wears a pale, translucent hue that provides an amazing contact to her rich black eyeliner. The look is created in two stages, first liquid eyeliner is applied to the upper lashes only, winging out at the edge. Then a matte black eyeliner is dotted between her lashes for extra eye definition. Even while pregnant her eyes are to die for!

The rest of us in our 30’s and beyond try using smudge-able pencils as it can be a better answer than liquid eyeliner. Use the color that most matching the dark eye shadow you are using for your smoky eyes. To use pencils in smoky eyes layer your eye shadow over your pencil. The color of choice needs to applied at the base along your lashes. Applying eye shadow over the pencil deepens the color and helps pull the whole look together.

Also with eyeliner don’t use it on the bottom lashes from inner corner on out, start in middle and then wing it out. That doesn’t close off the eyes making them smaller, your want your eyes to look as big as they can and still be smoking!

Just remember that no matter how dark your eyes are, you need to match them with nude lips. Nothing better to steal the spotlight off your eyes then a pair of bright red lips. It also ages you as well and not one wants to look older than they really are!

Copyright 2008 Kim Snyder, owner Great lover of all
natural beauty care and products. Offering beauty products at quality prices. Check out Magic Lash & Overall Beauty Minerals today! Visit to see the latest in cosmetics and so much more.

Attn Ezine editors/website owners Free feel to reprint this article in its entirely in your ezine or on your website. As long as you leave the links in place. Do not modify the content and include our resource box as listed above.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Green Living - Is it For You?

When it comes to living a greener choice it’s hard to decide just how eco-friendly works for us. From using organic beauty products, to buying organic or fair trade foods, to wearing organic clothing to be willing to drive hybrid cars all depends on how far you are willing to go. Everything we do leaves a carbon footprint, it’s up to us to decide just how big.

Did you know that if 1 out of 5 women demanded that lead be removed from all lipsticks and started refusing to use any lipsticks with lead in them, that the beauty companies would have to change the ingredients? We eat our lipsticks and just think how much lead you are introducing into your body each and every time you wear a lipstick with lead in it. Not a pleasant thought is it?

How about this simple fact. Did you know that only 1% natural ingredient in a product gives those same beauty companies the right to call their product “natural”? Scary thought indeed.

Its understandable that most might not be as “green” as they could be because someone may of told them that its just to hard to do. Just how wrong they are! There are simple things that we all can do that aren’t that hard to do. For example carpooling is great idea when there is no public transportation available. With gas prices on the rise, over $4 dollars in most areas in the USA over $10 dollars overseas, carpooling looks to be a great idea.

For all those of us who tend not to eat meat here is some glad news. Did you know that it takes more energy to produce animal protein over vegetable protein? If you never thought about becoming a vegetarian or just eating less meat and meat by products is good for you and the planet over all. It cuts down on your personal carbon footprint and is healthier for you to eat more vegetables. Why not start looking into helping out your local organic farmers by visiting the local farmer markets when ever you can. The cost of gas is causing prices to rise all over including the grocery store, as well the with food prices going up not visiting your local market for fresher vegetables is a bad idea.

Start looking for products, beauty, food without excessive packaging is also helping save the trees and besides you are just going to throw it away helping fill the landfills even more. There is no real need for the extra packaging in there is a way to get around it.

Reuse all your boxes you get your packages in if at all possible, we at Overall Beauty try to do that as much as we can.

Ever thought that not asking for a ATM receipt at the gas pump or the bank and anywhere you may get a receipt for something helps reduce your carbon footprint as well? Same as banking online does, and paying your bills online does.

Simple ideas that we all can do helps with reducing our carbon footprint overall. Start thinking about what you are do as well as teach your children what they can do as well. When we all work together, we have a better life and save the planet just a little, one person at a time.

Copyright 2008 Kim Snyder over of Where the ideal is there is beauty in everything. Offering the world famous Magic Lash, Overall Beauty mineral eye shadows, BB Couture organic massage candles, all natural skin and bath care, and more.

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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Eyelash Extensions worth it? Yes or No?

I been doing some reading up on eyelash extensions, and wow is there a lot out there if you really want to take the time to do the research! I am working on a article about it right now:
Here is the beginnings of it......

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent and there has been some confusion on that fact. The only way you could have permanent lashes would be by having a eyelash transplant that is a new idea. Why not? Guys and ladies have gotten hair transplants for years and eyelashes are hairs.

(For real! Check out this doctor who does eyelash transplants
Dr. Bauman of )

This is not something you can do at home on your own so don’t believe anyone who says you can. This is a process that has to be done by someone who has been trained on how to do it.

(Well I found someone who has created a at home do it yourself eyelash extension kit

Eyelash extensions should be undetectable by the naked eye, and last about two months or until your own lashes grow out. They say there is no need for additional mascara since the lash line is designed to be fuller and make the lashes longer. They are a great idea for brides and even some men have been known to wear them. Question becomes is, what if you have really blond lashes and really like the dark lashes?

Answer is tint your lashes first if you are blond and do it about 24 to 48 hours before going in to get extensions done. ME? I have decided after all the reading I have done this afternoon on this subject..

Give me Magic Lash any day!!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Kind Words about Magic Lash from another Beauty Blogger

I have been super busy! Me at size 10! Once I was a size 22!
My oldest son got married! I have been super busy with magic lash as well. Because of the magic lash reviews on I just been packing up and shipping it out!
First off I had NO IDEA how much it cost for wedding these days! In the old days the brides family paid for everything but not any longer. We gave money for the food and helped out with other costs.
I got the most amazing dress! I had no idea it would look as good as it did. I am off to visit family this weekend but I got some really cool ideas for Mother's Day..

Friday, March 07, 2008

Monday, January 14, 2008

Magic Lash Reviews done by Fans!

Magic Lash has been rocking the web! Want to know who's been doing reviews? Check out all these links for reviews done by happy customers. The youtube videos are really well done and show how to use it. Honest ladies giving their honest opinion, isn't life grand??