Sunday, November 23, 2008

More Winter Pedicure Ideas ~ Give your feet some love!

More Winter Pedicure Ideas ~ Give your feet some love! by Kim Snyder

Just because no one sees your toes during the wintertime doesn’t mean
you should stop getting pedicures done. During the winter calluses
still build up on your heels, your skin on your legs just gets drier and
flaky and untouchable. Just because you have your feet in boots
all day shouldn’t stop you from getting a pedicure done. And
besides its always feel good to have someone else take care of your
feet after a long hard work day. You don’t have to get your
toes painted either.

Those that are at the dating age, you don’t want your new date seeing
you in your hot little black dress with flaky dry legs do you? And
besides unless you live somewhere that has snow, a hot little black
dress or really dress of any color almost demands that you wear
open toed shoes with sexy nail polish painted toes. If you are a
fashion forward person you already know that some of the hottest
boots this year are open toed. Why not show off your sense of style
with trendy nail polish in purples or blues?

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