Friday, September 23, 2005

How come?

I don't like forums, well not all forums just this one. And it would be the one for the shopping cart i use, right oh lucky me..I need help again on something a customer says she doesn't see should be there. Now I believe her because she is a very good customer and not reason not to tell me the truth.
So off I go to visit the oscommerces shopping cart forum the only one there is. And as ususal the fourm doesn't remember my user name only cause I void doing anything with this one. They say that forums are a good place to get help, ideas, business what not, not this forum. In two words, it blows! The ones running it are smarter in oscommerces so I always feel like they are talking down to me. Lord forbid they are wrong cause they are never wrong..Why is that when one needs help with something the compaines send you to forums only to have the ones running forum can't believe you don't know that answer allready and why are you bugging them? Thats how it feels for me, I know I am probably very wrong but this is the only forum I don't like.
I am going to get get myself a new user name and see if maybe this time they might be helpful..

Word to self, :| if you don't like a forum see what you can do to fix on your own or see if there is a different forum for that product.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

And what did you do today?

Soon to be Header for my new site still being worked on me
Its been a long day or maybe just a long week so far..I think the week goes by slower when I don't have any orders to get ready or articles to write. Take that back I hav a article I need to type out and see if its going to be ok or not.
It's about going to the mall and why as a site owner of beauty why I would go to the mall next to why you or even my sons girlfriend might go to the mall. Come to think of it I think that article is going to be a pretty good one but I don't think I can top my article "Let's Create Sultry Smoky Eyes" you can view it by following the link or by visiting my site either way. Its very good if I don't say so myself!

I am carrying cosmetics from Juicy-Cosmetics and I am so HAPPY I got images I don't think I have seen anywhere else!!! Ok maybe I didn't look hard enough but still I got images that I can't wait to add to the site and show off the products and the images. I have started on my second site and here is the header I will be using..I am creating it myself!!

What do you think?? I really would love to know what someone else thinks of my work I am working hard on it in Photoshop CS 9.0 Yeah I am a brat and I own 9.0 and whats you going to do about it?? LOL I am working hard at it I am going to be making it into 5 pieces and put into a table in HTML and add it to PHP and gee are you confused yet? I think I lost myself..haha OK thats it for today I got email I need to wander through before I go to sleep tonight..

Sunday, September 11, 2005


OVERALL BEAUTY HAS GOT 117 VISITORS on SEPT 10, 2005!! WOO HOO Finally one day of over 100 infact yesterday Sept 9th was 90 visitors! I am so damn proud of my site I could just scream!! OH ok means really nothing to those who don't have a site but I got my very first day ever of 100 but no not just 100... 117 visitors!!! WOW I been looking forward to this day for the day I open the sites doors for sales.. I am just WOW gotta go I got to tell my Momma this she is going to be shocked!! byeee
PS Thanks to very one who visits ..stays awhile and comes back, I could never do this without the many visitors and friends/family ... Now I sure hope this won't be the only day like this! Byee

Friday, September 09, 2005

Saw something today that just bothers me.

Ok Ok everyone should know by now that I have a web site that sells beauty products, if you are new to my noise then visit and see what I mean.
Anyway I came across this page and thats all it was, one page. Now I seen them before and I know that all they are there is for is to collect my name and email address and when I sign up with enough emails they just might get lucky and I will buy something. Sure whatever I been online long enough to know that game..Now what bothered me and it stills does that this one page was just for Beauty and I wont give the name of it but its was for Free beauty secrets and its going to exposed tips and secrets that I don't already know..Yeah right..

I wont sign up for it cause it bothered me..Why? Cause I can't tell what it is selling me, yeah for real I know it wants my name and email address but it didn't get me to want to know its over 1,000 hot new whatevers..I probably got that many if I really felt like taking the time to write them down. What bothered me is its in my field but its not really selling anything and its doesn't grap me ..when I looked at the url and took off what it had after / in it all it did was redirected me back to the that only page.

What I am saying that unless you really got to know what they are selling or need to have what they are selling don't sign up. All you will get a ton of emails till you unsubcribe yourself or buy. Its always going to be your choice of what you do and where your email address goes..If you really need to know what the beauty site one page that bothers me email and I will be more than willing to tell ya..And then I will delete your email address so you don't think I'm saying that just to get your email address. I don't send out emails to those who are signup on my site why would I start with yours..Your choice as always..KIM OUT

Saturday, September 03, 2005

The Banner is clickable to help out for Katrina Relief

I read email and have bought books from Mike and I feel he's a pretty fair guy. He is in Canada but that doesn't stop him from sending out email to help out in the relief. It doesn't matter that he's in Candal he is a human just like the rest of us and I have already donated and when I can I will donate more. There are many emails etc going out and around, I was sicken what I heard of the radio in my hometown said. It is so bad that WalMart open it doors to help everyone out by handing out bottle water and canned foods and people started to walk off with computers!! And the worse of that was it was the police who did the carrying off of the better priced good stuff!! But he is Mike up in Canada seening the better of humans and knowing of the pain they are going through send this email to me today

So Friends of Overallbeauty and the noise of Coffee Time Again, there is a address you can go to on this site that you can send clothes and other things that people need. No they are not Red Cross but other family and friends of New Orleans, of USA..IF you can help great if not tell your friends.
I don't put a banner on my blogs for nothing I do it for good reasons. Helping them out is a great reason I think, but believe what you will. If you don't want to donate here go to the Red Cross
Contact: Disaster Public Affairs
Organization: American Red Cross
Phone: 202-303-5551

and donate, just donate what you can. Even a dollar will helpout. Damn thats a cup of coffee!!

As you know, the New Orleans seminar at which
I was supposed to speak in a few days has been
cancelled. (The Hyatt Hotel has 80% of its
windows blown out, let alone flooding.)

Internet marketer Greg Rosza has set up a fund
for New Orleans relief. I trust Greg as he has
been a member of mine for a long time, and is
a kindhearted soul.

I recommend you check it out ...

To higher response,
Michel Fortin

Michel G. Fortin
The Success Doctor, Inc.
2729-D Innes Road
K1B 3J7, Ottawa
Mike site is at
Regular people helping our own people in their time of need, is that what we are a nation are
build on? Helping other countries? Well its time we help ourselves. So Donate what you to whatever
you feel is the best place to do it. If you guys know me well enough by now that I always give out choices in all that I do.

A big thanks to Peter Finch of Internet Marketing 247 for putting this awesome banner together.
Quote for this website.

You CAN actually do something right now to help those who lost everything from Katrina. I'm taking a truckload of supplies to those in need, and I need your help to fill the truck.

(Last Update 4:41 pm est)
Has been donated so far on Saturday Sept.3

Lets help out, Good things will happen for them if we do, they will live another day to help rebuild a part of our great states!