Thursday, September 15, 2005

And what did you do today?

Soon to be Header for my new site still being worked on me
Its been a long day or maybe just a long week so far..I think the week goes by slower when I don't have any orders to get ready or articles to write. Take that back I hav a article I need to type out and see if its going to be ok or not.
It's about going to the mall and why as a site owner of beauty why I would go to the mall next to why you or even my sons girlfriend might go to the mall. Come to think of it I think that article is going to be a pretty good one but I don't think I can top my article "Let's Create Sultry Smoky Eyes" you can view it by following the link or by visiting my site either way. Its very good if I don't say so myself!

I am carrying cosmetics from Juicy-Cosmetics and I am so HAPPY I got images I don't think I have seen anywhere else!!! Ok maybe I didn't look hard enough but still I got images that I can't wait to add to the site and show off the products and the images. I have started on my second site and here is the header I will be using..I am creating it myself!!

What do you think?? I really would love to know what someone else thinks of my work I am working hard on it in Photoshop CS 9.0 Yeah I am a brat and I own 9.0 and whats you going to do about it?? LOL I am working hard at it I am going to be making it into 5 pieces and put into a table in HTML and add it to PHP and gee are you confused yet? I think I lost myself..haha OK thats it for today I got email I need to wander through before I go to sleep tonight..

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