Friday, September 09, 2005

Saw something today that just bothers me.

Ok Ok everyone should know by now that I have a web site that sells beauty products, if you are new to my noise then visit and see what I mean.
Anyway I came across this page and thats all it was, one page. Now I seen them before and I know that all they are there is for is to collect my name and email address and when I sign up with enough emails they just might get lucky and I will buy something. Sure whatever I been online long enough to know that game..Now what bothered me and it stills does that this one page was just for Beauty and I wont give the name of it but its was for Free beauty secrets and its going to exposed tips and secrets that I don't already know..Yeah right..

I wont sign up for it cause it bothered me..Why? Cause I can't tell what it is selling me, yeah for real I know it wants my name and email address but it didn't get me to want to know its over 1,000 hot new whatevers..I probably got that many if I really felt like taking the time to write them down. What bothered me is its in my field but its not really selling anything and its doesn't grap me ..when I looked at the url and took off what it had after / in it all it did was redirected me back to the that only page.

What I am saying that unless you really got to know what they are selling or need to have what they are selling don't sign up. All you will get a ton of emails till you unsubcribe yourself or buy. Its always going to be your choice of what you do and where your email address goes..If you really need to know what the beauty site one page that bothers me email and I will be more than willing to tell ya..And then I will delete your email address so you don't think I'm saying that just to get your email address. I don't send out emails to those who are signup on my site why would I start with yours..Your choice as always..KIM OUT
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