Friday, September 23, 2005

How come?

I don't like forums, well not all forums just this one. And it would be the one for the shopping cart i use, right oh lucky me..I need help again on something a customer says she doesn't see should be there. Now I believe her because she is a very good customer and not reason not to tell me the truth.
So off I go to visit the oscommerces shopping cart forum the only one there is. And as ususal the fourm doesn't remember my user name only cause I void doing anything with this one. They say that forums are a good place to get help, ideas, business what not, not this forum. In two words, it blows! The ones running it are smarter in oscommerces so I always feel like they are talking down to me. Lord forbid they are wrong cause they are never wrong..Why is that when one needs help with something the compaines send you to forums only to have the ones running forum can't believe you don't know that answer allready and why are you bugging them? Thats how it feels for me, I know I am probably very wrong but this is the only forum I don't like.
I am going to get get myself a new user name and see if maybe this time they might be helpful..

Word to self, :| if you don't like a forum see what you can do to fix on your own or see if there is a different forum for that product.
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