Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Overall Beauty - Visit Overallbeauty for an Overall Beauty experience!

Overall Beauty - Visit Overallbeauty for an Overall Beauty experience!

I got the second image ready to be view!
This is the give away Gift Basket for the customers of
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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Help me do whats right

I lost a drop shipper today, well it won't be till January but still, what makes her think I will have a customer that wants fifty dollars of her stuff right away? What if they only want one item? What do I say opps you got to buy fifty dollars worth from her or don't bother?
I know its not that hard to find a new one and I know she just wants to make money as much as the rest of us but still...
AT least I know of a different company that will be taking her place.
I am not mad I am just disappointed but she is just a small company trying to cover what she does.

Have a good week everyone!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Today is the day!

22 years ago I got married in Henderson to a Air Force man. It is surprising at times that we
are still together but there are things one must do to stay married.
When we decided to get married we laid down a few rules that to this day have never been broked.
1- You don't hit me <--me being the writing this blog. Why you might ask? Because I was someone hitting post growing up and I refuse to marry someone who was going to do it.
1a- if there are children there is no using them for hitting post because you can't hit me.
Both rules NEVER BROKEN!
2- You don't cheat <-- because I have a family member who does and has and I have seen what it does to one's family.
2a- I don't cheat either.
Both rules here NEVER BROKEN!
Can you say that you have made promises that have never been broken? Till I met my husband I could not say that. How sad is that? Then I met this amazing man who after less than a month ask me to marry him. I said yes. He gave me roses and wrote a poem about why each color was important to him and his love for me.
Years later when I called from Lowe's asking him if he minded a pick up a couple of roses for our front yard. I was told to get one of each color he wrote about in his poem. These roses are the brightest ones in my yard! Cheap no brand name roses are growing beautiful in my front reminding me each day of his love.
Yes I married a very romantic man! He hides it well!
I am so glad that for no reason what so ever there has been no need to break either rule. Being married is hard and sure there have been times we have wanted to call it quits but we worked it out.
Happy Anniversary Mike! I Love You and looking forward to another 22 years!!