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Halloween Makeup how to: Marilyn Monroe

I was looking for how to create Marilyn Monroe's look! I found this over at
Now if you want to do it and have a makeup tutorial on DVD you really need this:
The Halloween Collection Makeup DVD with 13 looks including Ms. Monroe.
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How to Look Like Marilyn Monroe

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Want to look more like the blonde bombshell? Here is a brief guide on how to look Hollywood gorgeous.


  1. Bleach your hair until you reach platinum blond, if you are fair-skinned. If you are dark-skinned, dye it a light-brown shade.
  2. Copy her eyebrow shape, high arched, thin and filled in
  3. Cut your hair chin-length and add loose curls for that vintage vixen look. Or, you could go with the tighter pin curls.
  4. Curl your eyelashes if you want to keep them real. Wear dark brown or black lengthening mascara. Line your upper eyelid with a thin line of dark brown or charcoal colored eyeliner.
  5. Wear false lashes if you want obvious length and fullness in your lashes.
  6. Add a beauty mark above your lip with brown eyeliner for the full Marilyn effect.
  7. Apply a red lipstick that flatters your skin tone.Lightly outline your lips first in a matching shade or slightly lighter
  8. Dress in feminine 1950's style clothes-polka dots, pencil skirts, vintage sweaters, high heels, and flowy fabrics in innocent (but obviously not) colors.
  9. Wear simple jewelry such as a strand of pearls or two chandelier earrings with no other jewelry.Wear diamonds also, the more glamorous the better. Emphasize one item. ("DIAMONDS are a girl's best friend)!
  10. Add a slight shake or seductive wiggle into your hips as you walk. It should not be pronounced and clownish, but sexy and confident.
  11. Lower your voice to sound like hers and say things like "Isn't it wonderful" in a seductive tone. Also to remember to leave a lot of breath in your voice. Marilyn was known for her breathy voice.
  12. Remember to let your eyes do the talking. Marilyn was an expert at batting her eyes.

  • This look works well if you are curvier. If you are not curvy, try different clothing colors and styles to accentuate your shape. Marilyn was known for her hourglass figure. You might also consider buying a girdle.
  • A curvier shape can be created with cinch belts.
  • Pin curls work well if you don't have naturally curly hair. Or if you do have naturally curly/wavy hair, and just want the curls to be tighter.


  • This look might not work for everyone
  • People might accuse you of trying too hard!
  • Don't worry about your weight. Marilyn was not super skinny like modern models you see today.
  • Don't make the mistake of just coming off as an airhead.
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Or you can just buy the The Halloween Collection Vol. 1 and have a makeup tutorial walk you through the Marliyn Monroe's look along with 12 other really hot looks for Halloween.

Your call on that!

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