Saturday, April 28, 2007

Get In Line by Beth Bender

Beth Bender Get In Line is working my Makeup Bag Today.. is it in yours?
How are you at creating the perfect smoky eyes every single time? No not that good
huh? Or want to create cat eyes but just can't seem to get the line straight? WOW
good to know I am the only one! I try really hard to get those line straight cause
cat eye smoky eyes just doesn't look right if one is perfect and the other eye well
I am sure you have the picture in your mind of what it must look like. I have one
eye that up close I don't see that well.. Kinda need glasses to see the mirror when
putting on makeup eyeliner. So when I got to talking with Beth Bender (see her site
at But wait I got someone of hers that will help anyone
who just can't see to get those smoky eyes well smokin! You have got to check this
item out.. It was created by Beth Bender for actresses and makeup artists who just
don't have the time to take the time it takes to get your eyes perfect. With a lot
of hard work she came up with "Get In Line" Eye stencils..

I have them a dollar off right now... She was so happy that I was wanting to offer them to my friends and visitors she told me to go ahead and put it on sale a dollar off.. BUT for one week only and your week is running away fast!
She also has Lip Gloss to DIE for!! Talking one lip gloss freak to another.. I am working on a image so you can see all your choices so I when I have it done I will
be sure to let you all know.. Have a great weekend everyone!
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