Saturday, May 19, 2007

How do you know you have Quality Nail Polish?

When was the last time you looked at a bottle of polish and thought to your self just what is a quality nail polish? We all know that some nail polishes are better than others by either the brand or maybe just the color. Its a shame that you can not open a bottle of polish to try it first before you buy it. The reason why I say that is if your bottle is thick and gooey you have a bottle thats really really old and not very good at all. I have found that some colors are the problem because they are too thick to able to put on your nails that doesn't take forever to dry and when it does dry you wear it for less than a day and it chips off. That is a sign of a nail polish thats not worth the money.
What you can do to make sure you have a quality bottle of nail polish to look at it really closely and if its looks thick it might be a problem. Shake it up and it doesn't move very well than put that bottle of polish back and pick up another one.
Light colors of nail polish seem to be better to wear and buy all the way around. The reason is when you put them on I am yet to find a light color polish to be thick and gooey. Personally my favorite light colors are Tink Pink

and Prom Night Pink both by BB Couture. I can look at all of her polishes and see it really move when I shake it and when I put any of her colors I don't find them to be too thick.
I have one color of hers that might be part of a contest when I call her on Monday.
Just so you know the polish price on my website is less.. You only have to pay 7.00!!
Just thought you might like to know that. Next time you pick up a bottle of nail polish think.. Just how old are you? Shake it and if it moves more like mud you don't want it.. look at another color. If you like light colors check out BB Couture Nail Polishes on my website today...
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