Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Contest at Overallbeauty.com!

We have done it! June is my birthday month and we are having a Name That Blue Contest! Starting June 1th to July 7th we are having a contest on naming this pretty cream blue nail polish given to us by BB Couture. They offer BB Couture Nail Polish and Massage Candles that you can find on my website right now! Cindy the owner has been kind enough to let me do this and also give away this blue nail polish as part of the contest as well as let you name it.

Want to know what you get and the rules of the game? Well here we go! You get to name a cream blue nail polish! The winner will receive the nail polish with their name chosen right on the sticker on the bottom on the bottle of polish. A certificate thats says you did and it will be something you know you will want to hang on your wall! A pedicure/manicure kit from me as part of this fun contest. Second and Third runner up of best name this polish gets a pedicure kit.

Only one name choice per email address/home address please. Make it so hard we can’t choose!! When you email we will need your name, address and phone number so that we can call/email you to let you know you are the winner! If there is a tie and you know that just might happen we will have a vote off at the polls on Overallbeauty.com

All names, and information will become property of Overall Beauty and will not be sold, traded or any of that nonsense. So get your thinking caps on everyone because think about it, how often would get the chance to named a nail polish? And get to tell your friends that your name is on 100’s of bottles of polish? That every time someone buys that blue your name is seen? No rude, sexist names will be kept. Any entries with a name that is rude, sexiest will be deleted and your email address will be removed! There is no need for that. Keep it clean and but be inventive and show off just how creative beauty blog readers can be.

The judges are Kim (Owner Overallbeauty.com), Cindy (Owner BB Couture Nail Polish) and Michele (Owner Ladyoftheherbs.com) all leaders and know it alls in our field of beauty products. The email address to send your entries is Nail That Blue at contests@overallbeauty.com

Get your thinking caps on everyone, male or female but you must be 18 and older for this contest. The contest will start June 1st and run till after 4th of July weekend. So gets your entries in everyone, I can’t wait to see what you think it should be called!
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