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Secrets for Caring for Your Oily Skin

Secrets for Caring for your Oily Skin

Understanding how to take care of your oily skin is something you need to learn early in your life so as not to start off treating your oily skin incorrectly. In some ways you are lucky to have oily skin because it tends to age at a slower rate than other skin types do. Meaning yours will not show those fine lines and wrinkles that tend to bother other skin types sooner.
On the downside to having oily skin, is that it tends to have more breakouts, problems with larger pores and blackheads.
How does one take care of their oily skin then?
Once one understands their oily skin, it becomes easier to find the right products to help to take of it in the right way.
Ever heard of using just soap and water? Well in the case of oily skin that’s not that bad of an idea to do so. By using hot water and soap you prevent your pores from getting clogged and causing breakouts. Did you know that by using hot water not lukewarm water it will help dissolve the skin oil better?
One thing you need to do for sure is to avoid using any skincare products that will cause your skin to feel taut and dehydrated. This will restrict the oil from flowing through the pores will can lead to blockages and breakouts.
What one must do for starters is to keep your skin very clean by washing it no more than two to three times a day. You may not know that if you wash your oily skin too much that it will actually stimulate your skin to create more oil.
When choosing your cleanser you need to do so with care. Avoid heavy cleansing creams as well as avoid the use of harsh soaps or cleansers. One would be better to use an all natural soap that has no artificial additives or scent.
You might want even want to try an antibacterial cleansing lotion or maybe even a lightly medicated soap depending on just how oily your skin gets.
If your skin is one of the types that is extremely oily, instead of two to three washings a day up it to three or four daily cleansing may be what you need to do. No one likes a greasy appearance at any age.
As you can tell taking care of your oily skin is something you need to start early and take care of everyday if you wish for it not to breakout. Your skin can be more acne prone than other skin types to. Take care of your skin and try using a natural oil-free moisturizer to help keep your skin supple.
If you are before the age of thirty you may be lucky enough not to even have to use a moisturizer but do start over the age of thirty at least just around your eyes and mouth.
Take good care of your oily skin and it will take care of you.

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