Thursday, March 08, 2007

Ever Heard of Reader's Choice? If so tell them NO!

Have I got something to talk about today. I have a son that sign up for magazines that you pay so much a week. Not a problem, he got 6 magazines. Then he started having problems with them and wanted to stop all the magazines and cancel his account. Nope no can do! We were told that they can't stop magazines once they been ordered. Wait, if I can do it why can't they who sell magazines subscriptions for a living do?Something smells fishy now.
What is wrong with this picture? They want more than a child who has a low paying job can afford. These magazines were only for 2 years. Thats such a lie! Try for up to 10 years!

BUT get this! While he is trying to close his account with Reader's Choice he started getting bills from YET another magazine company! For real! And he now owes them as much as he
does Reader's Choice.. The bill for both added up is almost $2000.00 Yes you are reading this right.
He was signed up for a second magazine company for another 6 magazines! What the hell??? He was signed up by someone saying that they are him. Now who in their mind would do that to a child? Me thinks someone is running wild and now we have no idea how many of these magazine companies he might be signed up and now much money he might still be owing and not know.
Kind of scary when you think about it, is it not?

I called one of the magazines to see if I can close his account with them and cancel them, I was
told that only International Magazines can close his account. HUH? Who's are they?
I called another magazine company and asked them the same question, I got told that it could
be closed only by Budget Reader Services. What? What happen to Reader's Choice? Both magazines were signed up for 10 years! Huh? What happen to only 2 years?
Be warn everyone if Reader's Choice or any magazine company calls you telling you about this
great deal only so much a week don't go for it. In fact HANG UP!!!
They are going to mess with his credit, he now has two accounts wanting even more money!
Its such a mess that I have to warn you about this. I have even heard of people like this
signing up for credit cards in your name and using it as if they are you!

When we talked to them on the phone wanting something so simple as how much he has paid and how much he owes I got told this."Our computers can't do that I guess I could write you out something." What company can't create a simple form bill statement?

Please do ever go for this because it comes under "if it looks too good its no good for you!!
Now if anyone can help me with saving my son's credit and life please email me at
beautyoverall @ (remove the spaces) and give me ideas of what we can do.
We been hearing horror stories of what has happen to other kids catch up in this.
Its wrong, and they can't be allow to get away with this. Share this information Coffee blog
readers, save other people's children today!
Thanks for listening to me bitch..
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