Sunday, March 25, 2007

Helped a friend stop a massage candle thief

Nothing upsets me more than people doing something they shouldn't and involving me. I carry a beautiful massage candle created by a good friend. Every now and then I see a massage candle something and I let her know because you need to know who your competition is right? I
offer her candles on my site.
Well I was checking out my keywords of what is bringing visitors to my site when I saw eBay
has been visiting and pulling a image off my website. I didn't say that was ok so I went over
to eBay to see whats up. I saw someone was selling a massage candle BUT she was using my
image so she was selling my bandwidth!!! OH no you don't!! So I told Cindy about it, the creator
she went looking on eBay as well and Nope that person didn't have the right to do so.
She talked to her and threatened her with copyright laws because she was not only using my
image, but she was selling the candle way too low!!!
So next time you see something that you don't think is right and you are a website owner
and someone is jacking your bandwidth, it pays to stop it. Made me happy, you see I am the
only one who is able to offer her candles for now and I will always help out a friend. Its don't
f**k with my friends because I will back them up and besides I lost money cause of her. :(
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