Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Chipped Dark Nail Polish is a NO NO!

I get tons of magazines because I am in the beauty business. I read most of all that is in them because I like to stay up to date on whats going on out there. I got a magazine in the mail yesterday that was late coming to me. It's Sept/Oct copy of Hollywood Life special issue called Hollywood Style! with Julia Stiles on the cover. Its full of interviews and usually really awesome stuff. What bothered me wasn't the actor or what is in the magazine but for the fact that if you look at the cover you see something that just didn't fit the style of this beautiful young lady. Julia Stiles is amazing! She went back to collage while everyone else was partying and making royal asses of themselves.. (BS major example of that)
Ok on the front of the magazine is Julia Stiles, and what caught my eyes right away was the fact she is wearing dark nail polish. Thats fine that is what most of us are doing right now...BUT what caught my eyes what the fact was THE DARK NAIL POLISH IS CHIPPED!!!
You can see it plain as day!! I am sorry but if I am going to get my hair done, my makeup done and my clothes all picked out for me.. don't you think you would get your nails done as well?
I have found that when I wear dark nail polish if I use Top Rock or Extreme Rock by BB Couture my dark nail polish doesn't chip within one day, that most can. That is the biggest problem with dark nail polish.. I advise to anyone who is going to be on the cover of a magazine make sure your whole look is done, and that includes your nails!

The bottle is blue lid not red!!
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