Friday, February 16, 2007

How Tamz Came to be.. Thanks to TV Friends!

Hair Care Please...
I was going through some old magazines I had to see what I should keep for business reasons
or just throw away. I keep articles etc to help me write better articles ..Nothing worse than trying to write about something only to have your facts all wrong.
I used to get Jane Magazine before they changed and became all oh I don't know how to really explain it only they changed and I didn't care for it.
As I was about to throw away my very last one something caught my eye...The name of the piece was "Glitter wishes and powder puff dreams ~ If you're product obsessed, start your own beauty biz already."
Ok Ok no big deal right? Wrong!! It started off with "Even Estee Lauder had to start somewhere."
I started reading it and low and behold I read this: Have an ultraspecific vision ~ That's how Atlanta sisters/business partners Elizabeth White, 27, and Jacquelyn Stafford, 23, created
Tamz, a hair product designed to tame unruliness, a few years ago. Jacquelyn got the idea when she was watching Friends and noticed that Jennifer Aniston's It hair was marred by random flyaways.
OH MY GOD!! Here was a article about the beginnings of a hair product I offer! I had no idea that it was thought up because Jacquelyn was just watching TV one night and there was a product need right there in front of her face! WOW huh?
I went of reading and the article talked about how Elizabeth contacted some distributors in the US by looking under COSMETICS MANUFACTURERS in the phone book.. I am not making this up!
She then found that they were all so far out of her money range that she just Googled it and send out a mass email till a company in Taiwan replied. They worked out a deal and then started testing it out on girlfriends hair. lol They started out thinking of making the packaging pink and green but the focus groups said it reminded them of Maybelline New York Great Lash so in the end it became a simple brown in color.
The end of the article told you to be prepared to lose your social life. When they get together with friends Elizabeth says its all consuming.. all she talks about. They want it to be a international sensation and is thinking about a line for men, maybe for your eyebrows who know??
I would like to thank Jane Issue DECEMBER 2005/JANUARY 2006 for this amazing information about a product I offer! You can visit Jane at
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