Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Picking the Right Makeup Bag for You

If you don’t care for a bulky makeup case (usually metal) yet you want to keep your makeup collection as organized as possible, you can opt in to buying a makeup bag. These days most makeup bags come in trendy styles and colors.
There are some makeup bags that can even pass up for a fashionable handbag. The best part about makeup bags is, they are more portable and convenient. If you want to carry just the basic beauty essentials while you’re on the go, then a makeup bag is the best idea for you.
What is a makeup bag? It can look small yet spacious enough to carry the basics such as eye shadows, lipstick or lip gloss, blush, mascara, and a compact press powder with a mirror, even a few makeup brushes if need be.
Since there are hundreds in the market to choose from, it would be better to know the important things to consider in getting the right makeup bag for yourself. A makeup bag is designed to carry limited amount of makeup. That is why it usually carries just the basics in beauty everyday essentials. Although it is generally small, makeup bags also come in different sizes. And its size usually affects its price.
Thus, in choosing a makeup bag, consider first the number of makeup items you generally carry with you everyday. Get the one that would exactly fit all your makeup items in such a way that it wouldn’t overcrowd and eventually strain the bag. Choosing makeup bags that have special inside pockets for a particular type of makeup would also be a practical choice.
The Makeup Matte is one type of makeup bag. It works great for those who use mineral makeup, with its pockets it can carry all that you need. Getting a makeup bag with pockets not only does it save you more space but keep your makeup items more organized and easy to find. Just imagine the hassle of emptying the entire bag just to find a small makeup item because it has no special pocket. So always consider the functionality of the makeup bag before purchasing.
Finally, choose a makeup bag that has good quality material that won’t easily tear. Aside from being sturdy, make sure that the material is also easy to clean. Nylon and vinyl- made makeup bags are often the popular choice because of its flexibility, and sturdiness. It can also be easily cleaned by just wiping it with a damp cloth.
There are some makeup bags that are handcrafted, they make great gifts as well. Don’t forget that price and brand is not an assurance of the quality of the makeup bag. Just because it has a brand name on the makeup bag doesn't make it any better or worse.
There are more affordable bags that sport the same quality as the branded ones. Always be critical and wise in buying and always keep in mind that size, functionality,and material are what really matter in choosing the right makeup bag for your precious makeup essentials. If you tend to carry your makeup around with you in a pastic baggy its time to look into getting yourself a makeup bag. I hope these tips help you on deciding which is the best type for you.
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