Thursday, December 31, 2009

What are the best eyeliners?

What is your favorite type of Eyeliner?

Pencil- gives the softest finish, easiest to use and you can smudge it. If you can use a pencil you can use a pencil eyeliner.
Cake- applies wet with a small brush, smudges well when using eye shadow over it. Long lasting tends not to flake like liquid can.
Liquid – gives the most dramatic look of all the types, quick drying, needs a steady hand. Can flake.
Gel- used like a liquid or cake but can easier to apply, its long lasting, apply with a brush.
How to Use a Pencil Eyeliner

Why use eyeliner at all? Good question. Eyeliner when applied correctly gives the illusion of longer lashes. There is really nothing worse than white spaces between lashes to ruin a look especially if you have light colored lashes.
What is pencil eyeliner then?

Pencil- gives the softest finish, easiest to use and you can smudge it. If you can use a pencil you can use a pencil eyeliner.

What should an great pencil eyeliner do? It should work effectively without having too press hard, has a good wearable color day or night, doesn’t drag and has a great smudge-ability.

When using an pencil eyeliner there are a few tricks you may not know about.
Using a pencil eye liner make it easier to apply a line at the base of your eyelashes. Especially if you have shaky hands.
Want your pencil eyeliner to stay put?
Try this: Apply a layer of eye shadow over it. Smudge it with a small brush and your pencil eyeliner stays put!
What about using your pencil eyeliner in warm weather? Stick it in the freezer for a few minutes before sharpening them.
What about using it in cold weather? Your pencil can get too hard and can drag and leave an uneven look. Hit it with your hairdryer to soften the point before using it. Just be sure it’s not still hot!!

Side note: Besides me, does anyone else remember doing this?
As a teenager I remember lighting a match to soften the tip of my pencil eyeliner in the girl’s bathroom. I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup but like all teens that didn’t stop me from applying it before morning class!!
Did you realize that even among pencil eyeliners you have choices?
Your basic drugstore pencil is just like a pencil. Some can be really hard, don’t stay put or flake.
Your more expensive ones tend to have useful extras like a build in sponges to smudge with and a sharpener. Doesn’t mean the more expensive ones are better, it will depend on the brand as well.
Softer the pencil the more likely it will disappear quicker.
Do invest in a good sharpener for your pencil eyeliner, nothing worse than trying to sharpen it with a kitchen knife!
Now that you got a idea what pencil eyeliners are all about, how about a color tip?

Your eyeliner should harmonize with your eye shadows, but it doesn’t have to match exactly. Even though black eyeliner is the biggest seller and worn by more women overall, it’s not a natural look.
Blue eyes? Look for a eyeliner in shades of navy, it helps bring out the white in your eyes making you look more awake. Violet shade will also work as well.
Brown eyes? Use a dark brown eyeliner bronze to really make your eyes pop!
Green eyes? Try brown, gold or even olive to bring out the green in your eyes!
Off to a party? That’s when you can have fun with your eyeliners! Try silver or crazy colors with glitter!
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