Sunday, January 18, 2009

Perfume: How Did You Choose Your Signature Fragrance?

Fragrances have many facets and with sensual pleasures. With so many perfumes out there out and new ones coming out, how does one pick that one you can call your signature fragrance?

There are way that we as humans as a whole sniff things. We know by studies done that odor perception varies with age, sex, pregnancy and hormonal state. It is also a fact that we associate scent with colors, textures and sounds. You know a scent of a rose without seeing the rose as an example because sometime in your life you smell a rose.

Did you know that we capture most information about a scent with one single sniff? Yet we all tend to sniff more than once any scent we smell as if to be sure that the first sniff is telling us the truth if its good or bad. Each of our minds have unique patterns of how a scent is responded to, as we sniff a new scent, our minds unknown to us is asking, have we smelled this before? What emotions does it make us feel? Does it smell the same as the last time we smelled it? Who was wearing it? How did that person make us feel etc. All this is going on within seconds of taking the first sniff of anything, from food to the newest perfume.

Yet we are all passionate about smelling good! Doesn’t matter the brand of perfume, the price or who is promoting it. Perfumes are highly personal and our appreciation for them is not simply emotional, its really deeply thoughtful as well.

Did you know that all perfumes come with three notes? First note is the first one you sniff when you open the bottle, the second note is the one you sniff after the bottle has been open for a bit and the third is the one that last the longest. The third note is the true scent and the one that last the longest on your skin. Then why try to pick a perfume by sniffing it on a piece of paper? Each perfume with response differently to our skin. To truly know if that new perfume is really you, it has to be worn for a while. Try it on your skin, walk around a bit before deciding if it is you. And think how does it make you feel?

Did you know that even though a perfume may have been created with multiply different scents to create one, we only really smell them as a whole? We smell it like a forest, not each single tree. If that is true, then why do they offer coffee beans to “clear the nose” when coffee alone may have over 300 different scents of its own?

The fact remains that perfume is met to be worn, not decided by a sniff off a piece of paper. The next time you apply your signature fragrance or on the hunt for a new one, ask yourself two basic questions. How does it make me feel and how does the scent on my skin really truly reflect who I am as a person?

Never buy a perfume because of who is promoting it, or who’s brand name is on the bottle. Perfume is an magical experience, feel it, know it and appreciate it. It will become a part of who you are, not make you but add to your overall beauty ideal of what makes up the unique person you are. Remember that the next time he walks by and says ‘Wow you smell amazing!”

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