Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hot Rod Collection is Finally Here!

Hot Rod Collection

Cherry, Baby! - A sweet candy apple red with high shine and a "begging for a speeding ticket" attitude!
Crusin' - Bright, cream neon orange, smooth and delicious, but never ignored.
Hot Spot - The ghost flames in this nuclear orange are alive with deep red undertones.
Lil' Deuce Coupé - The perfect lemon yellow for hot summer days.
Lowrider - Take a tall drink of grape soda and mix in some pearlescent shine.
Nitro Injected - This sassy blue is all about wide open skies with the top down doing 90mph!

You know what's great about having a personal relationship with most of the people who make the products I sell here at I can send Cindy, the owner of BB Couture Nail Polish, an email and say my sister has this great idea for a nail polish collection based on hot rod flame paint jobs. Cindy gets all excited because she loves oranges and super soaked metallics.

A few weeks later, the Hot Rod Collection by BB Couture was born out of my sister's love for all things fast and orange! Cindy then turned the set over to Krystal and I. Since the set was her idea, Krystal named the colors and created the graphics. (She's a graphic designer, by the way)

We've made this set LIMITED EDITION, so only 100 bottles of each color were produced and you can ONLY buy it here at Overall!

We have marketed it exclusively from our blogs, twitter and my email newsletter. If you want a set, you better put the pedal to the metal and dump it into your cart! In the first 24 hours of limited release to my newsletter subscribers, we sold almost 100 bottles! Right now, the chopped grape soda goodness that is Lowrider is our top seller followed closely the feeling of wide open blue skies with the top down that is captured in Nitro Injected. Krystal loves Crusin' & Hot Spot (of course!) and I favor the screaming lemon yellow in Lil'Deuce Coupe.

Don't tell Krystal ok? For her part in all this we are giving her the whole set of Hot Rod Collection!! Cause we can!!
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