Friday, March 27, 2009

Pink & Purple Purse by SolSisters!

My sister Krystal decided while we were talking about purses that I needed a new one. Not just anyone, one created by SolSisters!

I happen to love pink! I love butterflies and purple nail polish too. The bottle of nail polish is Balboa Beach Bunny by BB Couture that I got to help to create, but that is another story.

Anyway the purse I was carrying was BORING! And Krystal decided to fix that issue for me. Boring purses just will not do in our family!
It's to be my early birthday gift but what it did really was get rid of pink fabric out of her home so she has a good reason to go buy more. Like we need reasons to buy??

I just wanted to share this sure pretty purse with everyone and to let you know that if you want a purse made just for you, contact Krystal over at she has a few websites she offers her amazing handcrafted purses at. BUT if you have an idea, talk to her she is an genius with purse creating! OPPS don't tell her I said that, she has a big enough head as it is.. I should know she is related to me!! LOL
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