Thursday, December 01, 2005

Cute Nail Polish Gift Sets
Now being offered at
Also what is so cool about that is, if you are signuped on Overallbeauty you get to take part
in a contest for either Nail Polish Gift Set or The Gift Basket!
What do you think? This way if you are on my list and win and live outside of the US then this is for you! That way it can be shipped with little trouble where the gift basket might be.

There is also the gift basket being offered as gift number 2 or 1 depending how to say it. Now get your quotes, short stories, sayings, what familes do for Christmas or Christmas Eve. What did you do as a kid would be really cute too. It just has to be based on gift giving. You have till the 16th of December to get it into me and I will hopefully have some help with judging.
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