Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I am getting into the article mood

This is the new set of 4 dreamy powder eyeshadows I will be adding to my site later on today
Oh this is one of the lastest products I am going to add to my site that I just had to much fun myself playing with!! In Blue, Silver-white, Pink, Gold..

I was told today that I should take my articles and put them into a ebook and either give them away or sell it. Well right now I am just wanting to get them out there, after that then I will start thinking about putting them into a pdf file or something. I need to write way more than just 5 at least I think I have 5..I been adding them to my site as well as putting them into Searchwarp.com which has so many articles its like WOW! I think its trying to get to be number one in that field and that will be hard but I am helping it along by adding articles. I think writing is a way to release feelings, ideas etc and putting them into a article that others would want to read. The latest one is about creating Smoky Eyes..Now who doesn't want to have Smoky Eyes on that one date where you know you are going home with him?? or not..hehehehe
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