Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Want to Help England?, I got a idea

I am very thankful for all of the guys who aren't at home now from London, who are helping our men, but remember they have families too. Why not reach out and give them a helping hand? We are humans sharing a small ball in space, if we don't help each other who is going to? What if this had been us again, another 9 11? I can't even think or know how they must be feeling right now , we must help our fellow man...Go look this over and if you feel its for reason, this give..

London: Relief and Long-Term Peace Building Fund

This fund will support relief work in London. Funds will also support long-term conflict prevention/transformation efforts to address global sources of violence.

Theme: Democracy and Governance |
Location: United Kingdom | Need: $50,000

Give Now

After looking this over myself I can not not help England in their time of need. They were there for us in Iraq, and helping our guys we can at least help their love ones at home..
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