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Hell I didn't know this one was still working after all...gee dummy me HAHAHA ...Latest news on the blonde front I just bought me the CUTEST shirts ever..but you got to see them for yourself
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So please enjoy..

Makeup Tips for an Overdue Makeup Checkup
By Kim Snyder

Makeup tips for an overdue makeup check up, thought it might be hard? It isn't as not as hard as one may think. No one wants to look older
than they really are, so when you get to certain ages, be it late 20's, late 30's, late 40's or older, it's time to do a makeup check up.You
may not realize that your style of makeup is too young for you or too old depending on how you've been doing it. You may be over doing or
under doing your makeup. As our face changes what we once did at one age can be the worst thing to do now. As with skin care there is a need
to change your look to keep looking as beautiful as always but start working on those little issues that are coming up. No need to name them,
we all know what they are.

We all can remember in our teens and twenties choosing makeup on a whim or enjoying bold, shiny eye shadows, (bright blue anyone?) Heavy or
mismatched foundation, not blending it in at the chin or too thick concealer, giving you the opposite raccoon look. How about that obvious
blush in neon pink? Be it on someone's else face or
even your own, who else can remember their mother licking both her thumbs wetting down you cheeks trying to help make your blush less
obvious? Remember how in the earlier years of drugstore brands of blush even that couldn't work, you needed to use major makeup remover?

Try changing from a cream or gel blush. It is better for your face as you get older, as dry blush doesn't blend well as your skin loses the
ability to hold on to moisture,as little lines start to appear around the eyes. Don't forget those nasty smile lines. Keep the blush on your
cheek bones to highlight them if they are one of your best features. Powdered blush tends to cake on skin that is too dry.

How about those overly greasy or super glossy lipsticks, or a Kaleidoscopic array of eye shadows, often mismatched colors as forgetting
certain shades of purple AND lime green do not go together at the same time! We all can get confused on what really looks good on us, in
most cases pastels draw attention to and refresh your eyes, brights make the eyes look vibrant and muted tones softly add color or shape
to the eye while dark colors add dramatic impact. Start experimenting at home with what you have.

Do a checkup on the way you're doing your eye liners, heavy doe eyed look doesn't look good on any age! Heavy outlined eyes just makes
look older, great for teenagers to try out but not someone who is trying to make a impression on a new boss. Its high time you really
should consider making adjustments to one's routine.
Even more examples of what not to do-
The a retro Marilyn Monroe look with the liquid-lined bedroom eyes, and pouty red lips, only she could really pull that look off.
The Crayola Crayon-colored eyeshadows.
Spikey mascara that been in countless fashion magazines and billboards with what looks like only 5 or 6 lashes.
Over the years mascaras have changed from jumping out at you, fake lashes extremes to a more natural look, black-browns, even navy looks
good if not overdone. There are some glitter mascaras that aren't as wild as you might think too so don't forget to at least look at them
for night time use.

It's time to think about changing to a classic, well blended look where no one aspect of your makeup can be more important than the other.
As you create you new look, start thinking of more natural shades of neutral colors
just making sure that they work with your skin tone.
Try wearing only two coats of mascara not three or more.
If blonde try brown or brownish-black
As your hair color darkens, either by age or stopping coloring it, try changing your mascara color to bring out the natural beauty of your
eyes. Not everyone should be wearing black mascara.

There will always be a time and place for all types of free-self expression but one should only leave the house looking as if one is
on the way to a halloween party unless there is a halloween party! As much as you might not like it, overdone makeup or even the smoky-eye
look if not done correctly, just makes you look opposite of the what you are going for.

When we all a certain age regardless of how many years add up, its time to discover a style that makes you feel beautiful, finding colors
that enhances your appearance not take away from it. If you haven't started yet, look up beauty tips or make ups online or go to your local
book store to see whats out there. Even fashion magazines of late are going towards a less is better.

Start practicing blending techniques that makes your eyes look natural not piled or painted on. Praticing to create one's own style and stop
being a slave to whatever the latest look and think before pairing of colors. Even a teenager can have a basic but undone look that enhances
not take away from their natural beauty.
Check out what you have brought over the year and work on designing your own style, one you can call your own, need help try your girl friends,
who better than to tell you what looks good? We all need to stop being a slave to today's "in" look start showing
off the real beauty that may of been hiding behind layers of the so called 'fashionable look'.
Starting with soft neutral colors, blending them, creating a signature look thats easy to put on in the morning for work, add glitter or more
color to for nighttime fun.
Then start throwing out all those colors that makes most teenagers daughters laugh at even the thought you might still be thinking of wearing
it! Start today and tomorrow at work just smile and agree when asked "Have you lost weight?" You may never know even just a change in your
makeup may change you into a whole new person.

Copyright 2005 Kim Snyder Owner of Great lover of beauty care and products, never happy without trying to make the world a little prettier for all. Visit to see the latest in beauty products and skin care. Attn Ezine editors / site owners. Feel free to reprint this article in its entirety in your ezine or on your website as long as you leave the links in place, do not modify the content and include our resource box as listed above.
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