Thursday, August 17, 2006

Why do SEO Companies think like they do?

I won't give out his name or company but I had a very interesting chat with a major
player at this SEO Companies. AT the tune of $1000.00 he can fix everything that I seem to
be doing wrong. Why do they think that just because I am not a major player yet that I
need someone to come and save me? After chatting with him, it gave me such a bad taste in
my mouth. Even after I told him I needed to go get ready for work he kept on talking.
He went down to $500.00 to do these reports that will tell me everything I am doing wrong
and he will be my white knight and fix it. HA I bet that every much that he can or will.
He is pushing a few keywords on his computer and printing out reports..oh I see I can do that
too, you think someone will pay me $500.00 to do I wonder?
If I could warn you on who this was I sure would but I can't because they have money and I
don't.. And if I need I could lose everything for a blog post so I won't. Just be warn that if
someone contacts you about how wrong you are doing everything, be careful anyone can be
on the first page of Google and anyone can be number 1 and GUESS WHAT??? You can do
it without help or paying some a ton of money for a maybe.
Start writing articles, hook up with MSN adcenter and do their PPC.. Talk to the great guys over at At these they are good and true to their word. This other one
well now that I am doing everything wrong... why don't you pay me for the right to fix it?
Gee there goes the neightborhood!
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