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Newest Secrets for Beautiful Eyes

Everyone has secrets for making sure their eyes are the number one
item one sees when you mean them for the first time.
This is a few tips on making sure your beautiful set of amazing eyes are
your number one show off item today!
Your eyes should be the focal point of your makeup. There are general
rules for color depending on you. Here are a few ideas for finding the
perfect look for you.
The darker of the eyes, the deeper the eye product needs to be. Darker
skin tends to absorb colors. You will need to use rich eye colors such as,
Gold, deep grays, violets, coppers, navy and brown. For those who are
light-eyed beauties, you should select taupe, light grays, ginger, khaki,
and some blues.
Experiment till you figure out colors work for you.

Remember there are not true rules just simple ideas that have been
found to be better over the years.
When you are doing your eyes, it always good idea to keep a matte white
eye shadow on hand. It will open the eyes,
when applied on the inner eye, and it lifts the eyes
when applied at the brow bone. It will also soften a harsh
look resulting from a heavy hand.

Ever wondered how to wake up sleepy eyes? How about applying navy
mascara over your regular mascara?
Concentrate on the tips and outer corners. Don’t have any? Simply dip
your regular mascara into blue eye shadow and the coat.
When doing your eye makeup after finishing your eye shadows, don’t
forget to use a eyelash curler.

It will make your eyes look wider, more alert and even more youthful.
you have already put on your mascara.
Your lashes could stick to the eye lash curler causing them
to be pulled out when you try to remove your lashes
from the eye lash curler. Many still seem to do
it but It is just not a good idea to do.

Quick tricks when using a eyelash curler. Go ahead and curl twice for a
rounder curl. By placing the open curler near
the lash roots and squeeze gently for thirty seconds.
Squeeze again gently about 30 seconds about mid-length
and your lashes with thank you. Then just go head and apply your favorite mascara.

Do you realize that a good well-groomed eyebrow will perfectly frame
your face? Did you also realize that
you are missing an important beauty asset if your eyebrows are not
properly groomed. A properly shaped brow
makes your eyes look bigger and your cheekbones higher. Do not think
that just because you may wear eye glasses,
that a well groomed set of eyebrows are still seen, helping your eyes be
noticed no matter what. A beautifully
set of properly groomed eyebrows gives your face strength and expression.

If you are going to take care of your own eyebrows, first have them done
by someone who is trained in the field.
The reason is she will be able to give you the right look with your
eyebrows and teach you how to keep them
groomed properly.

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