Thursday, June 22, 2006

Sue My Space for 30 million

OMG I was reading up on the mother suing My Space for her daughter getting raped by a
older man. OK that is the worse thing that could happen to any young lady/ or any women
at any age. When it happens you blame yourself but at 14? Her mother is one:
Out for money
Should of been watching her daughter more
and I pray she doesn't have anymore.
They are suing for 1 percent of what My Space is worth because her daughter can't read. It says
on My Space Do Not give out personal information! They talked on the phone so right there
that proves she didn't read. They went out to dinner and she went home with him. What did you
think he was after? He is some freak that wants something young. Thats so wrong! What is
happening to him? Is the mother suing him as well? Or only My Space because there is lots of
money being made there?
Look, I am a parent. I think its worse for the teen right now because the whole world of the web knows you went home with him, and you had sex with him and now you are calling it rape.
Your mother is suing My Space. How hard it must be for that young lady right now. She is dealing with the fact she had sex at 14 and it was her first time well that will be even harder to deal with. BUT if it wasn't then could she be calling it rape because he made her go home and not stay with him? Think about it the only reason men want to meet girls is for sex.
The blame is on the wrong person, the one to blame in all this is her mother. She didn't have control over her daughter. Now I know what we all will do to push the limits with our parents I am not that old to not remember what I did. But my mother pushed back harder! For every action there is a reaction.
We may as well just lock up the web because there are freaks out there that prey on young ladies and young men every damn day.
I think her mother should be looking at herself and start blaming the right person, and its not My Space, its the Mother. Get that child into see a doctor and help her heal from all this.
I think the case should be thrown out and the person to sue is the guy not My Space.
Comments? I would love to hear what you have to say on this.
Question for everyone out there: Who is really should be blamed for all this and should she be sueing?
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