Sunday, June 18, 2006

I'm in the Top 100!!!

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My lastest picture taken by Mike this month in fact! The Now Serving is from that have that many authors and that many quality articles and I AM IN THE TOP 100!! In fact today I am number 35. In fact I have a Featured Article today called Father's Day Gift from the Heart and you can read a part here and the rest on my website.

Father’s Day Gifts From the Heart

Why is it so hard to find a gift for Dad? With Mother’s Day there are gift ideas all over the place. With flowers, candy, candles, cards , gift baskets and so on. But what about dear old Dad, what’s in a holiday for him?

By the time Father’s Day is here everyone usually runs out and buys him a tie, or socks or cuff links, nothing original about these gifts. Every Dad has a drawer filled with gifts he will probably never use but won’t throw away cause it was a gift from you.

This Father’s Day how about doing something a little different? You can even get your small children in on helping create a Father’s Day he will never forget.

A few craft ideas that you can create with your children are items like Best Dad Certificate, or a picture frame with a drawing that the child creates. How about take a shoe box and paint it and put little coupons in it for things a child is willing to do beyond Father’s Day?

The shoe box can be painted, or you can take pieces of colored paper and glue it on. The idea is what is in the shoe box that means the most. Every Dad has a list of things he wants when he is at home. Some want quiet, or a child’s bedroom clean, or toys picked up or dishes done after dinner. Little things that should be done anyway but just don’t seem to happen. Usually Quiet time is the hardest because he just got home from work everyone wants to tell him what they did etc.

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