Saturday, August 10, 2013

Dealing with a Family Member Having Diabetes

When you have family member with diabetes its not just them that is dealing with it, you are as well. Specially if you are married to that person. This in from a wife's point of view. This is just a few things I have learn about it so far..

 My husband is diabetic and believe me dealing with becomes a family problem as well. Having to deal diabetes has become a common disease among people. What causes Diabetes? It is caused due to mismanagement of carbohydrate metabolism inside the body.

Diabetes is identified with the excessive production of urine, hunger, thirst and excessive loss of weight, blurred vision, and delay in healing of skin, repeated infection, and excessive fatigue. Diabetes has got a serous issue of human health. It denotes sugar in blood and urine very excessively.

 They say the best way to control it is to start with your diet.
  That is because the main concern should be given to controling blood sugars in your blood. Which is the main cause of diabetes. Managing blood sugar is the stepping-stone of any diabetes treatment program. To remove the complications of diabetes one must take it seriously and adopt some good diet process or healthy exercise.
 You need to talk with your doctor on what is the best plan for you. Starting off with your diet, you will probably have to take pills.

 Most cases if not all will not jump from learning you have it to taking insulin shots. There is no clue for diabetes once your doctor has tested you and you come back border-line. There are a few things you can do as the person who has diabetes. There is frequent testing of blood sugar can denote you how much you have improved on your part to manage suitable measure of sugar in blood.

 It is very important to learn the right range of glucose in blood unless and until you cannot have the idea about the complication you are facing about this disease. It depends on age mainly such as in younger age assuming not much complication is there the suitable range of glucose is 80-120 mg/dL and in older age it is 100-140 mg/dL.

The testing items are better than ever before and it doesn't hurt testing your blood. My husband does it every morning. Its very simple to do it. One of the best things you can do is take classes that can teach you about what is have good and suitable diet, types of proper exercise, maintaining healthy weight and medication.
When it is about good and suitable diet it does not make any suggestions that  food becomes boring. What it means is there are things you have to really start doing, like READING LABELS!

You will need to be eating more fruits, vegetables and less anything that is high in carbs. Oh yeah carbs. :( we go to the store and read labels to figure out what is better, brown pasta or rice pasta or corn pasta. Yes you have to count carbs and get used to doing it. We have very interesting talks about the differences between 41 Carbs and 30 Carbs.
You do not have to avoid taking sweets just have to really watch how many you eat.
 Meat is your new best friend but if you have a problem eating animal products then you need to find other ways to get protein.

Consult any dietitian about meal plan and the best way to plan one for you. If you can't eat at the same time every day? Well there is one med that you take that is half hour before you eat. So time you eat like fixed doesn't matter, as long as you eat enough and try for three meals a day.

 Although diabetes could for life long suffering it doesn't have to. It is not a death sentence you just have to learn as much as you can about it and change your diet for starters. Talk with your Doctor!!

 You just have to remember that the disease will be in your control and by watching what you eat, and how much you can live a long and happy life. I love my husband dearly and I take care of his feet for him now. Yes we do pedicures!!

**My husband made the mistake he thought he could handle it with diet alone, when his sugar levels came back over 300 he knew then he had to start really taking care of what he eat and does. Now he has to take two pills for it and we have changed what we eat and how much. **

 Please note!! 
 In any case, do not treat this as a medical advice, and if you have any doubts, consult your doctor, as I am by no means a medical person .All information in this document is only intended for your general knowledge and is not a medical advice, or any substitute of it. I make no warranty, express or implied, regarding your individual results. I suggest you get medical advice when dealing with diabetes.
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