Saturday, September 18, 2010

Got a favorite nail polish color?

This is the time of year where dark nail polishes start showing up on everyones nails. Some do not base the time of year on when they should wear a color. Which is pretty cool, used to be you stop wearing white after labor day but that so called fashion rule is pretty much forgotten.
This is the year for purple, from amazing purple eye shadow sets, Gabrielle Faust by Overall Beauty is a great example of that. (order any color get one free till 9/23/10) just add the color to comments when ordering from

Nail polish by BB Couture this year has two amazing purples for this fall season. Have you checked out Carla and Michael yet from the Infamous Lovers collection yet? Now that is two beautiful shades of purple! No matter what we all got our favorite colors of nail polish.
Why do we like one color over the other? Why when we look to buy new nail polishes we always seem to come home with the same? Never the same shade but usually the same color. (green lover here) that my friends is your question to think about as you view all the pretty colors of polishes you have , or desire.

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