Monday, November 06, 2006 has invited me!!

Ever felt like you are finally there? What I mean is after working so damn hard to make a name for myself, I got invite from one of the biggest woman's site to become one of the blogs they showcase as well as if I carry their ads I can make a few dollars. Humm oh how can I turn that down? I will be carrying their ads on as well as Beauty-Blog/
I have finally made it! This is the greatest thing that has ever happen to me ok one of them.. I got lucky being the only one who carries Mood Changing Nail Polish and as well Magic Lash Eyelash Enhancer and now I become part of the Glam network!!
Don't worry I won't become too big for my pants and not stay who I am which I have seen happen to others. You know what I mean, they get a better job than you and all of a sudden you are not good enough to be their friend or they start going out to lunch with a different set of people who are now their friends and you not having the right job are not invite into their new group. That won't happen to me I love my Coffee Blog Readers!!
Besides that a few things happen that I need to say something about. First off my oldest son now has his first girlfriend (WOOT!!!) but last week her only brother took his own life by setting in front of a train at 4:00 am. The young man was having problems after trying to turn around his life by getting off drugs, drinking and smoking. He tried to take it all on without help from Doctors which can be the worse thing as we found out. I never got to meet the young man but Derek did and its been hard on him as well as Liz his girlfriend. I feel the most sorry for his Liz's Dad who had a fight with Josh the night he took his life. He is feeling like its his fault when we all know thats not true. This family someday become part of ours so we are here for them. Liz feels like I am her Mother in Law already..

May Josh rest with Peace in the arms of the our Lord..
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